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Ethiopian Airlines flies to Colombo from April

Ethiopian Airlines (EAL) will operate flights to Colombo from April. The airline wholly owned by the Ethiopian government is looking at operating four flights per week.

Chairman Managing Director VMS Aviation Air Services Ltd, A Vigneshwaran, the General Sales Agents for Ethiopian airlines in Sri Lanka for the past 25 years said that the airline is rapidly expanding to new destinations and their last added Bangalore to their radar last October consisting 108 new fleet under 05 years.

The airline with their hub is Addis Ababa, will add Chennai to their flight schedule from April and they are initially looking at a turnaround flight to Colombo. “This allows Sri Lankan passengers to fly to Addis Ababa and then fly to any African, European, North America and South America including Canada destination thus becoming the only African airline from Colombo to operate flights to the African continent.”

The airline will also help to open up new business and tourism opportunities (both countries offer online visa) due to direct connectivity and will also be the preferred channel for cargo. The airline will either operate its new fleet A350 or Dreamier 777 to Colombo.

“We have also applied for fifth freedom rights allowing the airline to take passengers from Colombo to Chennai as well.”

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