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Jake does it different

Jake Senaratne is a determined young model who has represented and won impressive titles in Sri Lankan and international pageants. He took part in his first competition, Mister Sri Lanka for Mister International 2012 at very young age. He became the best Sri Lankan Runway Model in 2013. Jake has represented Sri Lanka at the Mister International 2015 at Philippines where he headed the Missiology Leader Board as the best Physique.A commendable character and a familiar face in Sri Lankan fashion industry, Jake in this interview shares some vital points on how the Sri Lankan models should be groomed and the industry should flourish.

Q: What was your Inspiration to become a professional Model?

I started modeling eight years back and what inspired me to become a model was my appearance.

Back then I set my mind to become someone my determination was to prove to myself and to others that if you set your mind to something, believe in it and block out all the negative elements, nothing can stop you.

Q: How should a model build his personality?

The best way for one to build his/her personality is to talk and move around with people from different walks of life.

Q: What are your goals in the modeling career?

My goal is to reach the top in the industry and set a standard and take Sri Lankan models to an international platform and show people that Sri Lankan models aren’t the ones with just handsome/pretty faces.

Q: You took part in the Mister Sri Lanka for Mister International 2012 at very young. Please share your experience

As it was my first competition, I put my heart and soul in to my self-development, and though I became the fourth runners up I decided that I will not give up and one day will represent my country on an international platform. Two to three years later I represented my country at the Mister international competition held in the Philippines.

Q. You went on to become the fourth runner up at Mr Sri Lanka 2013, winning the award for Best Personality.

I was proud of myself that I was able to win the Mr Personality title. I was a backward and shy kid while growing up and I was proud of myself as I was able to improve my personality in a short period of time to win the title of Mr Personality.

Q: You have appeared in fashion shows in Colombo, achieving the Best Runway Model in 2013. How was this experience?

The experience was great, competing with other models helped me improve, achieving the best runway. I had focus.

Q: Who are the people who have mentored you to become a potential fitness model?

The two main people who mentored me to become a fitness/runway model are none other than Brien Kerkoven and Kamil hewavitharana who saw something in me that I did not see in myself. They gave me the opportunity to break into the modeling industry and become the model, I am today.

Q: You have represented Sri Lanka at the Mister International 2015 at Philippines where you headed the Missiology Leader Board as the best Physique.

Mr International 2015 was the very first international competition I took part in, competing with around 50 contestants from 50 countries. I always loved challenges. It was the only year the Mr. International body had no physique title. I was happy that I headed the Missiology Leader Board as the best Physique.

Q: How do you distinguish between Modeling and Mr World pageants?

Well… modeling is an individual walking on a ramp, which requires learning about walking, memorizing choreography and presenting the cloths they are modeling.

Mr World competition finds the world’s most desirable man, where you compete with contestants from all around the world, which requires an individual to maintain and develop personality, looks, physic, manners, walk, communication and the ability to promote country to the world. The ability to enter a room and capture others’ attention too is vital.

Q: What do you personally think attributes a contestant should have to promote his country at Mister World contest?

Apart from all other attributes, understanding about the country he/she is representing is vital.

Q: How would professional education help a contestant?

Professional education takes a contestant a long way in a competition, it shows that the individual has a target and goal in life and shows that he/she is not only concentrating on his/her outer looks but also developing his/her mind which is a very attractive quality in an individual and a plus point in a competition.

Q: Did you engage in extracurricular activities and sports while schooling?

I schooled at St Peters College Colombo 04 and during my schooling years I took part in many sports such as swimming, athletics, rugby, table tennis. I was a cub scout and a scout which taught me to build confidence and life skills, make good decisions and be independent.

Q: What support is there from authorities and sponsors for those aspire to represent Sri Lanka at international model/beauty competitions?

Being a model who has represented Sri Lanka at two international competitions I would frankly say there is minimal support. Specially for males there is no help from sponsors. These individuals are brand ambassadors of Sri Lanka and they need more monetary support from sponsors whether from the state or the private sector.

Q: From your point of view what do you think of the current Sri Lankan modeling industry?

Standards are rapidly deteriorating. Some serious standards have to be maintained and streamlined. We are now on a downward trend.

Q: What is your suggestion for the young generation, who aspire to get into the modeling industry, become models and represent their country on international platforms?

I would suggest them to first join a reputed model school/agent and work on improving their personality, appearance and communication skills.

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