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[Citizens' Mail - (28-12-2019)]

General Elections 2020

In about a couple of months General Elections will be held to elect parliamentarians to govern the country for the next five years. Readers will recall the present President Gotabaya Rajapaksa repeatedly pledged at the Presidential Elections, he would nominate educated honest men and certainly not those who have committed fraud, and other crimes; also, those candidates defeated at polls will not be taken in on the National List. To keep up to this pledge his own the Sri Lanka Podujana Party (SLPP) should nominate such people. He cannot expect other parties such as the UNP, JVP, JHU to fall in line. Will the leader of his own party Mahinda Rajapaksa, keep up to fulfil the pledge of President Gotabaya is a matter we have to wait and watch? I believe, as the President, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, he should be the leader of SLPP as was claimed by the former President Maithripala Sirisena, to be the leader of Sri Lanka Freedom Party to have a free hand in managing the party according to his wishes.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, should be excused for appointing the present Cabinet Ministers and State Ministers who have allegations against them to have committed various crimes as the present members are those elected at the last General Elections in 2019 and he has no say.

So far, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is doing great, but can he maintain that trend, if there are interferences from his own party on the selection of nominees, for the General Elections.

Lalith Rajakaruna


Govt keen to probe irregularities at CEB, CPC and Railway

A recent news report quotes the Minister for Passenger Transport Management, and Minister for Power and Energy saying ‘An investigation would be conducted into the alleged irregularities that had taken place at CEB, SLTB, CPC and Railways’ prompts me appraise the newly appointed Minister, of what really went wrong in the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB). I am sick of repeating what I have been writing but I consider it should be best, the Minister is kept informed of my experiences having served in the Ministry for Power and Energy for over a decade.

The CEB was running as a profitable State venture up to 1989. In fact, the Treasury insisted that any investments by the CEB should be on Treasury Bonds and not elsewhere. The rot started when R. Premadasa on his assumption as President, shuffled the cabinet, and Minister P. Dayaratne was appointed Minister for Mahaveli Development.

Till then, when the Ministry was administered by Secretary Prof. K.K.Y.W. Perera and the knowledgeable Minister P. Dayaratne, all proposals sent by CEB were studied and directives given for implementation. Special mention must be made of the Long Term, Least Cost Generation Plan, prepared by competent Engineers of the CEB, taking into consideration the consumer, the growth demand, its own establishment and international requirements.

This plan was strictly adhered to and implemented on schedule. Unfortunately, the construction of the coal power plant which should have commenced, if my memory does not fail me, in 2002 was delayed due to a frivolous objection by the then Bishop of Chilaw saying it will affect the Holy Shrine, St Anee’s Church at Talaawila, 12 Km away.

This objection was thoroughly examined by both local and internationally famed consultants and cleared of the fears of the Bishop. Even then the Governments did not have the courage to go ahead, mainly because fearing losing Catholic votes. This resulted in a severe energy crisis, and a six-hour power cut. CEB engineers, consultants and experts forced the then Minister Susil Premajatha, under threat of resigning his portfolio obtained Cabinet approval to go ahead with Norochcholai Coal Power Project.

The usual practice of calling for worldwide tenders was not possible due to the dire need, hence help from countries were sought and it is here that China came with the proposal of funding and construct the plant. I need not repeat the performance of the power plant except to join others who call ‘Always Break Down’ plant.

This undue delay, mainly due to lack of political will, paved the way for private suppliers to come in with their terms and conditions. It is no secret that politicians were looked after by these private suppliers and so were some CEB engineers. No major project was started since then, except the LNG plant at Kerawalapitiya, which for the last four years or so has not been finalised due to a dispute on the award of the tender. For some strange reasons known or unsaid reason the offer had been made to a Chinese Company which had quoted a higher rate than the local tenderer M/s, Lakdhavani. This matter is before courts and it is hoped the judiciary expedite its judgement.

Along with this delay, private businessmen have come forward to set up Wind, Solar, Biomass, etc., renewable sources of energy and their applications, said to be over 265 are said to be hibernating for reason better left unsaid. Hope the Minister would expedite by granting these private entrepreneurs to go ahead.

While there were no power and energy developments, there is certainly a development in finding employment for political ‘Catchers’. It is heard that when the Yahapalana regime came to power, in 2015, the CEB had 14,000 employees and it has risen to 21,000, at the end of 2019. Mind you, with no new major projects. This unwanted recruitment has not only affected the overhead expenses but also the tariff which consumers must bear. This has been going since the CEB was formed and has escalated recently. One of the reasons why the World Bank had insisted privatizing all government own business undertakings is overstaffing.

One advice is that let the knowledgeable CEB engineers come out with their Generation Plans and the Minister, along with his consultants and experts study and assist CEB to implement on schedule. That is how the Ministry should work with CEB. And that is how we worked devotedly with cordial relationship with CEB.

Let not the Minister or as a matter of fact, the government engage ‘Yes Men’ as consultants but men who value and uphold their profession and the country. The government must keep in mind, it does not make sense to hire experts and consultants and tell them what to do. Engage such men to tell the government what to do and how to do. Do not sanction any project where feasibility study has not been carried out. It should also be said it does not make sense to hire experts and consultants and tell them what to do. Let them tell what to do and the executives carry out under their supervision.

All in all, it is clear, corrupt politicians and their interferences have ruined the administration of this country and it is hoped President Gotabaya, not being a politician and had been an administrator as well as military discipline, will steer the country to prosperity and peace, which we all yearn for. In doing so, he is bound to face opposition, both from his own party and outside. I am sure, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is made of a sterner stuff to withstand any opposition and build a new political culture – statesman -which ultimately those who opposed will fall in line or get lost.

G.A.D. Sirimal


The hypocrisy of a New World Order

Colonial history written by the colonialists is a major fraud perpetrated and marketed by the colonial powers; not just to show that they were just to their subjects but also imply that their subjects were less deserving of justice and fairness. Thereby giving them license to overlord the world forever.

A hundred years ago the British colonial masters sent skulls of native tribes to prove that they were very primitive? Western Anthropologists put forward theories of their superiority – only to be totally disproved by genetic research, which found that all human beings were 99.6% the same. Only point four per cent related to insignificant differences. Their willing cohorts and lackeys, the western press, played ball receiving payments and kickbacks for their twisted stories which we now know as Spin Doctoring – putting it simply, lying between their teeth. Today we call it Fake News or deep fake news.

The abject wickedness of the Colonial powers throughout the world cannot be completely written, even in an encyclopaedia published for the purpose. The United Nations serves the colonial agenda of Global dominance through all their crooked, if not wicked agencies. The UN condones regime change, as in Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile etc. The UN is a misnomer and has lost its credibility. And now, despite the UN court rejecting the UK rule over Chagos Island – Britain ignores UN deadline and allows its Colonial counterpart, the USA to carry with its illegal Air Base in sovereign Chagos Islands. What naked hypocrisy?

What is more appalling is that some former colonies have adopted similar tactics and policies of their once colonial masters. India has brought in the cult of Hindu nationalism and superiority over all other religions and citizens; through its rabidly militant Shiv Sena organisation. Where the US racist agenda targets Black people, using White policeman: the BJP targets Muslims and Naxalites, lynching them for mixed religious marriages and suspected cattle slaughter. Again, it ignored Kashmir’ special status granted by the UN and annexed it for itself as part of India.

India is now confronted with the dilemma of convincing Sri Lanka's Buddhist majority government of November 18 that it should not sideline the minority Tamils. It has become such a big joke, that India is now flying diplomats throughout Asia to placate its friends. Yet the colonies pander to their whims and agendas of global dominance pandering and paying poojas to their old colonial masters through institutions like Rotary, Lions, Toastmasters, western-backed NGO's aid agencies, human rights agencies etc. leaving the crumbs to be picked by the natives. Making legal, illegal occupation, as in Palestine: The BJP government has unilaterally taken over UN-mandated Kashmir to itself – shameless hypocrisy, if not buffoonery.

A further sickening dimension of colonial power, is, punishing anyone speaking the truth or exposing a Colonial power's corrupt practices and dealings. This to consolidate its world dominance agenda – as in the case of Wiki leaks, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowdon etc.. And there is the coalition of the willing who side with the Colonial agenda's as in the illegal invasions by colonial powers to grab oil and other resources of neutral countries. Even the Swedish courts have been guilty of treason to its people by now admitting Julian Assange's sexual abuse case was a non-starter. We should never expect these mealy maggots to have an agenda of new world order.

The man was created in three dimensions, with Spiritual, Mental and Physical faculties. Colonial behaviour comes from the total loss of its spiritual happiness, which teaches us that “riches are not found in worldly passions but contented heart”. They have sold their souls to the devil and purchased happiness through abject greed, and embracing a cult of Sexism and Nudism. All their activities are surrounded by greed, cheating, sexism and nudism. Be it marketing any product, sport, music, storytelling, - all these activities project their crude bankrupt culture. Science and technological skill, will not avail you if the soul is dead. Beware, my fellow humans!

B. D. Gunadasa

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