‘Grama niladharis, Samurdhi officers must be dedicated to Sapiri Gamak programme’ | Daily News

‘Grama niladharis, Samurdhi officers must be dedicated to Sapiri Gamak programme’

Public Administration State Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe has said the grama niladharis, Samurdi Development officers and public must dedicate themselves to the ‘Sapiri Gamak’ rural development programme to be implemented from January 1, in every gramasevaka division.

He was speaking at a meeting of grama niladharis, Samurdhi Development officers and other government servants of the Panadura Divisional Secretariat on December 21.

There are 1.8 million government servants in the country and the government plans to appoint a committee to look into their salary anomalies, the State Minister said.

The government aims to remove corruption and other malpractices in government departments. The gramasevaka niladharis and Samurdhi Development officers must work hard to uplift the country shedding political differences and affiliations and serve the public in a democratic manner, he said.

The present government does not wish to take revenge from political opponents, he said.

The State Minister said he could remember that former President Maithripala Sirisena said when a disaster happens, the government servants should not restrict themselves to the government circulars, but take action to the needful.

Panadura Divisional Secretary Budhini Siriwardena said although a new three-storey building for the Panadura Divisional Secretariat was constructed during the previous regime, it did not have proper facilities. There were no air conditioners in the auditorium.

She appealed to the State Minister to provide the necessary facilities.

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