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Sri Lanka to launch first all-electric ‘supercar’

An emerging local hi-tech innovation company is set to take the automobile world by storm when it begins rolling out Sri Lanka’s first all-electric ‘supercar’ named Vega next year. The target launch date is April, 2020. The master builder of the Vega, techno-entrepreneur Harsha Subasinghe, chief executive of CodeGen told news media following a test drive last week that the so-called ‘supercar’ will be launched at the annual International Motor Show in Geneva in 2020.

Subasinghe said that the 300 Kw battery-powered car with a 240 km range would the first ever luxury, all-electric ‘supercar’ made in Sri Lanka and in the Asian region. The ‘supercar’ label is used for such high-powered and high-speed luxury cars. Already world news media has begun reporting this announcement as Sri Lanka’s latest innovation.

Subasinghe said: “It is presently at test levels. Vega does a quick zero-to-100 mph in 3.1 seconds. It is a 900 bhp supercar and is designed, both interior and exterior, and manufactured locally.

Its electronics, battery, light and all features are also locally made sans the motor and battery cell. The battery pack, controllers and all other parts are made in Sri Lanka. At present, this car can go at a maximum speed of 260 kmph. It has a reliable battery pack unlike any other electrical cars in Sri Lanka. Its battery can be charged within 15 minutes.” he said.

Subasinghe also said that he took up this task on behalf of the young generation in Sri Lanka who has a yearning for locally made, high tech automobiles.

“We are ready to do something new for our country. I am sure it will be a product that will make all Sri Lankans really proud. We also wanted to encourage our youth to take Sri Lanka forward,” Subasinghe added.

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