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Fight Cancer Project Founder Mohamed says:

All monies accounted for, Director’s accusations false

The Founder of Fight Cancer Project M.S.H Mohamed yesterday (13) said the recent event of being allegedly accused of mishandling hospital funds was a false accusation by Hospital Director Dr Wasantha Dissanayake and legal action will be taken against him.

“We are meeting with our lawyers to take legal action against Dr.Dissanayake. This project was started in 2016, through the Pet Scanner project we collected Rs. 252 million within a short period.The money was deposited to the same account, this particular account is a government account and Dr.Dissanayake is claiming that it is my personal account.The Bank Ceylon account is under the Healthy Ministry, he said.

This April we started another project, where we received many donations from the generous public. These funds were collected to buy two machines, and the machinery was requested by nine doctors at Apeksha Hospital. So far we have collected Rs.140 million, and all the money is in the government account. Nobody has access to that account, and money can only be taken out by a tender notice.

On Thursday (12) Apeksha Hospital Director Dr.Wasantha Dissanayake had stated he was not aware of the funds and doesn't know what's happening in the hospital. His statement had targetted not only me but my community as well. He used the racism card to character assassinate me”.

Mohamed said the money was collected and they were going ahead with the work for the hospital and this shows that Dr. Dissanayake is a racist, in fact, he addressed me as an extremist. Claiming that Rs.20 million was deposited to my personal account, how does he have access to my account information? If he has my account information, then tell him to disclose the details without claiming that it is my account without evidence.

When asked if there is any instigation behind Dr.Dissanayake's recent claims, “We believe that there is someone behind this.He was very close to us when we began this project he addressed me as his brother. There is a possibility that he is trying to sabotage this project and the work we have been doing”.

“Dr.Wasantha Dissanayake even accused me of having terrorist links,because of my race and religion and all this started after the Easter Sunday attacks,” he said.

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