Many tanks across country spill over | Daily News


Many tanks across country spill over

14 spill gates of Rajangana Reservoir opened
Transport paralysed along Kandalama Reservoir bund
A bus plying along the Kandalama Reservoir bund road.
A bus plying along the Kandalama Reservoir bund road.

A majority of major tanks in the Anuradhapura District has been spilling due to the torrential rains in the district.

According to Director of Irrigation (Water Management) Engineer Janaki Meegastenna, 14 spill gates of the Rajangana Reservoir have been opened and a volume of 19,000 cubic feet water per second is being released to the Kala Oya.

She said two spill gates of the Angamuwa Tank have also been opened by three feet to release water at a rate of 1,830 cubic feet per second. Thissa Wewa, Abaya Wewa, and Mahawilachchiya and Nachchaduwa Reservoirs, are also overflowing. The Yan Oya Reservoir which is yet to be opened has been releasing water at a rate of 1,600 cubic feet per second to the Yan Oya through five spill gates. Meegastenna said four spill gates at the Inginimitiya and Thabbowa tanks have been opened and the surplus water is flowing to the Mee Oya. In the Kurunegala District, Kimbulwana Oya Reservoir, Ambakola Wewa, and Deduru Oya and Bathalagoda Reservoirs are spilling.

In the Hambantota District, six spill gates of the Lunugamwehera Reservoir have been opened releasing 5,000 cubic feet water per second to the Kirindi Oya. Muruthawela, Weheragala, Yoda Ela, Bandagiriya and Mauara tanks have started overflowing. With regard to the reservoirs in the Batticaloa District, three reservoirs, namely Rugam, Nawakiri and Unnichchi are spilling. She said the Rambakan Oya in the Ampara District is also spilling through the opened-spill gates releasing water at a rate of 300 cubic feet per second.


A.A.L. DIAS Matale District Group Corr.

Dambulla Kandalama Mahaweli Reservoir, which is one of the main water sources in the Matale District has started spilling due to the heavy rains. Under this situation, transport activities in the area have completely been paralysed while plying of buses and other vehicles along the Reservoir bund road has stopped at present.

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