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Prorogation of Parliament :

UNP MPs concerned over curb on COPE probes

There is a real danger of bond scam kingpins not being exposed, if Parliament is prorogued further and sittings are not held, UNP MP S.M.Marikkar said yesterday.

“The forensic audit on the Bond Scam will be postponed as Parliament has been prorogued. Parliament should have been convened in the coming week. Now the Report will be postponed till January3.However, further delays will invalidate the COPE Reports altogether,” Marikkar told a news briefing at Vauxhall Street yesterday.

Marikkar also conveyed that if a justifiable Budget is brought forward focusing on the welfare of the public, the UNP majority will have no second thoughts to vote for it.

Marikkar also highlighted the fact that the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) agreement must be signed before December 31 and proroguing the parliament is a matter to be considered. “The MCC must be presented to Parliament and the acceptance of the majority is essential.Since the next parliamentary session is on January 3, the MCC agreement will not get a chance to be brought up. A clear answer must be forwarded in this regard,” he said.

MP Harin Fernando also speaking at the press briefing said former Minister Sajith Premadasa must be appointed as the Opposition Leader as well as the leader of the United National Front (UNF). “We adore our party, therefore we need not take our party to the death knell. Party seniors must consider this fact, instead of running behind political deals. If the leadership required at the moment is not given, there can be a tendency in which we will move to an alternative.”

Former Minister Dr.Harsha De Silva said the UNP needs proper guidance and a widespread cleansing is needed within the party to reach greater heights. “Over the years unfair labels were attached to the party. We have failed to remove those labels mainly the anti-nationalist label. The anti-majority label cost us the election. We are in the opinion that Sajith Premadasa should take the lead.”

Former Minister Nalin Bandara said that as parliament is prorogued, UNP Parliamentarians are hindered from functioning as the Opposition. “We need space to function as the Opposition. In that case we are hoping to cleanse the party 100 percent with new faces.There are professionals willing to join hands with the party but they hesitate since the party is stagnant without fresh leadership,” he added.

MP Hesha Vithanage also said that UNP had a Sinhala-Buddhist foundation since initiation.

He said that through a kick start the party can be taken into great heights.

MP Chaminda Wijesiri also brought out the fact that former Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe as leader who had a high opinion of democracy should also respect democracy within the party.


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