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Last Christmas

The feel-good factor!

It is introduced under the tagline ‘The Christmas film of the decade!’ The rom-com certainly comes close to living up to its mark as it makes an enjoyable watch.

Kate, portrayed by the sassy Emilia Clarke, has a continuous habit of making bad decisions which ruins many of her chances to strike gold in life. She struggles at her job as Santa's elf and when the store is burgled, the store owner gives her another chance to prove herself. Then she meets Tom, a mysterious yet charming stranger who works as a volunteer in a shelter for homeless people. Ignoring her state of affairs Tom leads her down a new path which cheers her up from even the darkest depths of depression. Soon Kate begins to develop feelings for Tom. However, though Tom’s presence induces change in her and helps her become a more thoughtful and kind person, he refuses to get into a relationship with her. As Kate tracks down his whereabouts, she soon makes a discovery which will change her life forever.

Balancing romantic and comedic elements, director Paul Feig makes a watchable Christmas number. The credit should mainly go to the script which hints at just the right dose of comedy and romanticism. This paves way to the climax of the film and the emotions which overcomes up when Tom’s fate is revealed.

The cast is well selected too. Despite being a bit deceitful and mean at times, Emilia Clarke’s Kate is very likeable with her vibrant personality and we cannot help but root for her to find happiness. Henry Golding, makes a interesting but commendable match. His cheerful and gay mannerisms enchants the viewers and you cannot help but be a little charmed by him as he makes such an interesting character.

The two actors share good chemistry too. Emma Thompson often steals the limelight as Kate’s mother, Petra, who’s filled with melancholy and sadness but still manages to be endearing as a doting mother. Another key element in the film is the George Michael soundtrack. Though many music enthusiasts might have been drawn to the movie due to this, you cannot help feeling that it is slightly forced into the film.

The climax of the film might feel slightly cheesy but those who love emotional endings will certainly go for this. Armed with some good English wit ‘Last Christmas’ is a uplifting and quirky film which is packed with sweet surprises.

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