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Yan Oya Reservoir project ready to be commissioned

The completed Yan Oya Reservoir Project. Picture by Nimal Wijesinghe
The completed Yan Oya Reservoir Project. Picture by Nimal Wijesinghe

The construction work of the Yan Oya Reservoir Project 18.9 km-long left bank main canal was completed and it was officially handed over to the Irrigation Department by its contractor the CAMSE Engineering Company recently.

The CAMCE carried out head work including the main dam, three saddle dams and the left bank main canal. The 11km-long right bank main canal has been completed by engineers of the Irrigation Department. The cost of the Yan Oya Reservoir Project was Rs. 39,000 million, and it holds 149,000 acre feet of water.

The reservoir has been constructed by building a 2.3km-long dam across Yan Oya. The fifth largest river in the country, Yan Oya starts from Seegiriya and flows to the Pulmudai sea journeying about 130 km. The construction work of the reservoir commenced in February 2015 and the CAMCE Engineers completed it a year in advance before the due date.

The reservoir remains filled to the top now, awaiting its opening. It will provide water to nearly 20,000 acres of paddy cultivation.

Yan Oya water reaches Padaviya, which has been experiencing an acute shortage of irrigational and drinking water for centuries. The water flow stops at the Jayanthiwewa below Padaviya, which does not have any permanent water source except rain water.

The construction of canal cost the government Rs. 6,100 million. The left bank canal is provided reservoir water through 97 m-long tunnel from the main dam before reaching Padaviya, Jayanthiwewa via Horowpotana, Kebitigollewa and the Padaviya DS Divisions passing 11 villages en-route. The left bank issues water to 35 small tanks on its way. After flowing 355 meters, water flows to a 1.8km-long tunnel built of syphon technology. Thirty per cent of the Padaviya irrigable lands will receive water from the canal.

Deputy Director Engineer Palitha Wickramatilaka told Daily News that the Yan Oya Reservoir Right Bank main canal flows up to the Kohombagaswewa, passing 11 km. It provides water to 3,000 acres. He said Rs. 1000 million has been spent on the project. The right bank canal provides water to Neelapanichchankulama and Alankulama in Trincomalee. Wickramatilaka said the Yan Oya Reservoir is the largest in Anuradhapura.

He said that no sooner than compensation worth Rs. 5,000 million granted to the farmer families whose lands and properties submerged to the reservoir, it will be officially commissioned.

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