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‘Film Making should come under Industry Ministry’

‘Ranminitenna Tele Cinema village’
‘Ranminitenna Tele Cinema village’

The Film Industry throughout the world is flourishing and it could be a major foreign exchange earner for Sri Lanka, the industry is yet to take off, said Hollywood acclaimed Sri Lankan film maker and President and Chief Executive Officer of the Asian Film Location Services, Chandran Rutnam.

Sri Lanka has all the right ingredients for film locations such as beaches, rivers, mountains, waterfalls, deserts and wildlife, all in close proximity, but the country is yet to utilize such an advantage.

“One of the main reasons according to my knowledge that the Film industry not to be dormant is the fact that it is not recognized as a Film Industry, but considered a part of the Cultural Ministry. Now this is wrong as it’s an industry and should be first brought under the Ministry of Industries urgently.”

Chandran Rutnam

Sri Lanka’s biodiversity was spotted nearly 50 years ago and this is the reason why several international films such as ‘Bridge on the River Kwai and ‘Mountain in the Jungle were shot in Sri Lanka.

He said that secondly, qualified professional marketeers should be appointed to the Film Corporation and not aging actors or actresses who only possess a knowledge of acting, directing and producing films.

Thirdly, Sri Lanka Tourism should also promote this industry as major travel fairs such as WTM and ITB and especially in India.

He said he did promote international films to be shot in Sri Lanka, however, during the LTTE terror, he was forced to divert them to Malaysia due to requests made by the International Hollywood Films Industry.

At this year’s Asean International Film Festival (Aiffa 2019), held in Kuching, Chandran Rutnam was honoured for his many contributions to the Malaysian and Sarawak film industry throughout the years, a period spanning over 35 years and seven major features.

He who was the Line Producer/Production Supervisor on several international productions, including the Sri Lankan location shoot of Paramount Pictures, ‘Indiana Jones’ and the ‘Temple of Doom’ and Indochine,’ he said, “I can’t understand as to why when Bollywood is this close to Sri Lanka, could not get Indian films shot in Sri Lanka more frequently.”

He also said that ‘Ranminitenna Tele Cinema village’ in Hambantota, should not be given the cold shoulder, but revived to its past glory as the then ‘Rajapaksa Government’ had invested on infra structure needed for the industry, including accommodation.

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