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Calls for Election Commission to intervene to halt spread of fake news:

False rumours to influence election outcome – NDF spokesman

New Democratic Front spokesman Tissa Attanayaka yesterday night called on the Elections Commission to act to stop the deliberate spreading of rumours creating fear and uncertainty among voters on the eve of the Presidential Election 2019 being held today.

“Rumours are being deliberately circulated since late last night that NDF Presidential Candidate Sajith Premadasa has signed a secret deal with the Tamil National Alliance to evict Sinhalese from their lands in the Northern Province,” Attanayaka noted in a special statement issued to news media last night.

“These rumours are totally false and maliciously intended to create panic and misunderstanding in order to influence the outcome of the Presidential election.”

Attanayaka said that Premadasa had never adopted such policies about the North in his entire political career and would not do so in the future. “He has no such record of policies,” the NDF spokesman said. “We urge the Election Commission to act to stop such fear-mongering and spread of fake news,” he said.

Meanwhile, legal activist Shiral Lakthilaka also told news media that: “False rumours are being circulated that legal steps are to be taken to file action in courts to prevent Candidate Sajith Premadasa from carrying out this secret deal with the TNA, are designed to create confusion and fear among voters and influence the election.”



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