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Must address economy, social issues for true national security - Gen.Mahesh

The President and the people of this country should be governed by one law. This law should treat both alike and show no preference to those in power, National People’s Movement Presidential candidate Gen.Mahesh Senanayake said.

“The reason this country is in this situation today is because the President, Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and MPs are above the law. When we intend is to bring everyone under one law and create an environment where everyone can live with respect and dignity as equal citizens of this country.“Our group has come forward to serve the country over politics. This is the biggest difference between us and the others. All we saw over the past 71 years is what the successive politicians have done and they are responsible for what has happened to this country. However, we have now come forward to make a change and serve the country,” he added.

“Reconciliation is a vital topic in this country. This is one family and all of us, be it Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim or Burghers we are all part of this Sri Lankan family. However, it is a fact that the majority are the Sinhalese and therefore, these Sinhala Buddhists should be like a father figure in this family and protect the rights of the minority groups as members of one family. This journey that we have commenced is to change the direction of this country to ensure that there is never a war ever again. Once we have passed this presidential election, we will continue our journey until we change this system. We will also contest the next general election and even the provincial council and Local Government elections. We won’t promise anything free, but what we promise is to establish peace and prosperity and a country where all can live happily and united,” he said, adding that they wish to make Sri Lanka a country that is respected and admired by the world.

He noted that the two main candidates are both acknowledging that the politicians are corrupt and that they will take action against such corrupt politicians. “But, they cannot do it cause they are surrounded by these corrupt people. However, I am not connected to this entire 225+1. My group and I have not been involved in any corruption. As an independent candidate I have a clear belief and commitment to take action against such corrupt persons without any qualms and implement the country’s law to the letter.”

He also said that in terms of establishing national security, there is no one better than him who knows well how national security should be established. Senanayake said that there are many factors that need to be established in order to ensure national security such as reconciliation, education, economy, environment, health and several other factors. True national security can only be established by addressing all these areas.

He said that it is only a non-political candidate that can change this system and allow the independent institutions to work independently without political interference. Senanayake also noted that in the event he is elected the president he will take the leadership in ensuring that all that had been looted from this country would be taken back and bring those who have committed these crimes before the law. He also pledged to take stern measures to eradicate drugs from this country. Therefore, he urged the people to join him in changing this country’s political culture and bringing in a new political culture, governed by honesty and commitment.

Meanwhile, addressing the final media briefing prior to the presidential election former Senior Solicitor General, President’s Counsel Srinath Perera said that as usual politicians are engaging in making political promises, which happens every five years.

“Sajith Premadasa and Gotabhaya Rajapaksa are both giving promises without any hesitation. But, intelligent Sri Lankans should ask themselves if we are all ready to be hoodwinked again.

Both candidates are spending billions on their election campaigns. Both Sajith and Gotabhaya hail from middle class families.Then where did they get the billions which they spend for their election campaigns? Is this the public funds or money inherited from their families? No, I don’t think so. Then, one might say that these monies are donations received for their election campaigns.

Then, as intelligent people, think whether anyone would simply donate millions without expecting anything in return? We must all think of this intelligently.

Therefore, I urge all voters to think carefully about this factor before you cast your vote.”

He said previously he was involved with the UNP and making a confession he said he believed that Ranil Wickremesinghe was an honest and clean politician. “However, to my dismay, during the past four years I witnessed him safeguard and support the biggest frauds and rogues in this country. I was horrified and I knew I could no longer be part of his campaign and that is why I decided to leave the UNP.

I have now joined the group led by Mahesh Senanayake because I know we can make a change for the better and change this corrupt political culture.”

Former Auditor General Gamini Wijesinghe, Senaka Sinhalage and Ananda Serasinghe also spoke.


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