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‘US Federal Registry must show record of citizenship’:

Under US system Gota still American – Sajin Vaas

The absence of Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s name from the US Federal Registry was a confirmation that his US citizenship still remains, former MP Sajin Vaas Gunawardena said yesterday.

Addressing a press conference in Colombo yesterday, Gunawardena said, “I have worked closely with the US Congress and Senate. Therefore I can say that the absence

 of Rajapaksa’s name in the US Federal Registry means that his US Citizenship remains. It proves that he is still a US Citizen.

He should tell the truth to the people according to his Conscience. Rajapaksa’s Lawyer Ali Sabry says that the renunciation certificate needs not be made public. If not to the voter, then to whom this certificate must be shown? If Rajapaksa wins, it is a US citizen that wins, but I am confidence that it is Candidate Sajith Premadasa who will emerge victorious”.

He said that he has worked very closely with the Senate and Congress in the US. “Non appearance of his name in the Federal Register means that he is still a citizen of the United States”, he said

“There are over 20 institutions in the US to given clearance, once an application is made to renounce a citizenship of a person and one or several such institutions appear to have not endorsed this application”, he said

A former Ministry Monitoring parliamentarian, Gunwardena also disclosed an incident where a gratification has allegedly been taken during the early post-war re-construction of the Jaffna – Colombo railway line. He said a representative of IRCON construction company that implemented the project had passed this information to him. However, he did not give more details.

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