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Election rally in Ambalantota:

Have scientific plan to eradicate poverty – AKD

“We have a scientific plan to eradicate poverty from the country,” National Peoples Power Presidential candidate Anura Kumara Dissanayake, told a public rally in Ambalantota on Thursday.

He noted that even if the two main parties obtain power for the next 100 years, they will do nothing constructive but will only drag the country towards ruin.

“Therefore, the people of this country need to use this opportunity to vote for an alternative party at this Presidential election instead of voting for the two main destructive parties. A few years back 240 kg of drugs were seized. Generally, a kilo of heroin sells for around 10 million. I bet there isn’t a single businessman in Ambalantota who could do business for Rs.2,400 million. Then who can afford to engage in drug business for Rs.2,400 million? It is certainly not the people living in villages. The police eternally seizes loads of drugs. But, has anyone ever seen a single drug dealer being apprehended? Why? This is because those engaged in this drug business are the rich and powerful. The prisons are full of poor people who are found with a small packet of drugs in their possession while the kingpins are free. The law is not applied to them,” he said, adding that it is only the National People’s Power that can bring in a change and establish a law in this country that will apply to all equally.

He noted that the Rajapaksa camp has to gain the votes of the North and East riding on the back of Karuna, Pillayan and Hizbullah. Similarly, the Sajith Premadasa group has to reach the people in the North and East riding on the back of Rauff Hakeem and Ameer Ali. “The only political party that does not depend on racism and extremism is the Jathika Jana Balawegaya. These parties challenged us to go to Kattankudy. We have been there twice and held successful rallies in Kattankudy, Kalmunai, Akkaraipattu, Kinniya, Muttur, Ottamaveddi and Batticaloa.”

He said if any party can bring the Sinhala people of the South, the Tamils of the North and the Muslims in the East, it is only the Jathika Jana Balawegaya. “This means that we can completely eradicate extremism from this country,” said Anura Kumara Dissanayake.


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