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Only Sajith can protect democracy - Bathiutheen

The youth should come forward to protect integrity, social harmony, honour and self-respect of the Muslim community by voting for New Democratic Front (NDF) Presidential candidate Minister Sajith Premadasa at the upcoming Presidential election, Industry and Commerce, Resettlement of Protracted Displaced Persons, Cooperative Development, Vocational Training and Skills Development Minister and All Ceylon Makkal Congress (ACMC) Leader Rishad Bathiutheen said.

He was speaking at the ACMC’s youth rally held in support of NDF Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa in Sammanthurai on Wednesday (6).

“The youth should be a role model with courage, integrity, religious values and self-confidence. Now, you are in a decisive situation to be united with the leader who ensures everyone’s security and a bright future. Muslims worked hard to bring peace and harmony to this country,” the Minister said.

“Muslims never support to divide this country or terrorism. They have been living together with other communities peacefully for nearly 1,200 years. They try to protect and maintain the sovereignty of our motherland. The late Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) Leader M.H.M. Ashraff formed the SLMC to prevent Muslim youth from joining terrorist groups and seek solutions to all problems of the Muslim community,” he said.

“After Easter Sunday attacks in April, the racists harmed the image of Ashraff too. Throughout history, Muslim leaders and politicians never supported anyone to divide this country. Islam never teaches extremism and terrorism to secure our needs. Muslims never threatened the sovereignty of our motherland,” he said.

“We strongly condemn the recent Easter Sunday attacks. Zahran was hired to tarnish the integrity of the Muslim community. Politicians and the Muslim community were immensely affected due to Zahran’s anti-social activities. We all resigned from our posts to ensure the security of the Muslim community, a bright future for the youth and the existence of Muslims in this country without any harm,” Minister Bathiutheen said.

“The Muslim community condemned Zahran’s attacks and extended their fullest support to arrest the culprits. The suicide bombers’ bodies were not allowed to be buried in Muslim burial grounds. The Muslim community urged the government to punish them,” he added.

“Sainthamaruthu residents supported the Army to eradicate the terrorist group that was behind the Easter Sunday attacks. It proves that Muslims never support extremism and terrorism. Following the attacks, the racists attempted to spread racism among communities with the aim of winning the Presidential polls. They made around 300 allegations against me. They brought No Confidence Motion against me to remove me from Parliament and the Cabinet,” he added.

“All attempts which the racists made against me were shattered. The Criminal Investigation Department(CID) announced Rishad Bathiutheen had no connection with terrorists. Racist groups destroyed mosques and business outlets. The Government was unable to arrest and punish them. Racists made allegations against Dr. Shaffi. That case brought shame internationally to the medical sector of this country. Power, Energy and Business Development Minister Ravi Karunanayake and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe refused all the allegations made against me,” he said.

Minister Bathiutheen said, “Premier Wickremesinghe is a democratic leader and has more than 40 years of experience in politics. Muslims have many problems. To solve our issues regarding agriculture, fishery, ports and lands, we have to vote for Sajith Premadasa. We will prepare a 10-year plan to provide job opportunities for the youth. We have no state lands to build houses. Houses will be constructed for needy families. The health, education and other sectors in the Eastern Province will also be developed.”

“The youth must be religious. They must work for peace, reconciliation and social harmony. Hospitality and patriotism are important aspects in building national reconciliation in this country. We came to this country as traders. We want to live together with other communities peacefully. Since there is no unity, more than 50 Islamic countries are experiencing war and violence,” he said.

“To maintain justice and democracy in this country, you have to support NDF candidate Sajith Premadasa. This is not a simple election for our community. This election will decide our future. This is not a simple election for our community. This election will decide our future. Under the instructions of Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe, the culprits who involved in communal violence incidents in Digana, Kuliyapitiya, Minuwangoda and Kandy were arrested and jailed. To ensure the security of Muslims and protect democracy, youth must vote for Sajith Premadasa on November 16,” the Minister said.

Politicians including ministers, former governors, and youth participated.


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