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Elect a people-friendly candidate - UNP Bhikku Peramuna Chairman

United National Party (UNP) Bhikku Peramuna Chairman Ven. Bopitiye Dammissara Thera addressing the media said that the countries that were governed by dictators ended up in total ruination.

The Thera added that dictators such as Mussolini, Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Ameen brought destruction to their countries.

“No doubt, Sri Lanka will suffer total destruction if a dictator is elected at the forthcoming Presidential election.

Therefore, the people should be wise enough to elect people-friendly candidate like Sajith Premadasa at the election,” the Thera said.

National Three Wheeler Drivers Federation Chairman Sunil Jayawardena said that three wheeler drivers faced numerous difficulties during the previous regime. Three wheeler parks were removed and there was a proposal to convert Colombo as a three wheel free city.

“However, Sajith Premadasa, who can identify with the sufferings and burdens of the people agreed to look into the issues of three wheeler operators and rectify some of them,” he added.

Ven. Mathurata Dhammalankara Thera also spoke.


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