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‘It is the time to make right choice’

Picture by Nimal Wijesinghe
Picture by Nimal Wijesinghe

The whole country is ready to vote for the most qualified Presidential candidate at the forthcoming elections. We request JVPers, SLFPers and those holding independent political views to line up on the right path in fulfilling this vital national political requirement, Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) National Organizer Parliamentarian Duminda Dissanayake said.

He made these observations at several pocket meetings held in the Nachchaduwa, Hidogama and Srawasthipura areas in support of Pohottuwa (SLPP) Presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa, recently.

MP Dissanayake said their responsibility is to work hard to obtain all 1.7 million votes of the SLFP for SLPP candidate Gotabaya to emerge victorious at the Presidential polls. He said they have promised orally and in writing to the Pohottuwa hierarchy that the SLFP would endeavour to pass the SLFP’s 1.7 million block votes to the Pohottuwa and that pledge shall not be confined to mere empty words or rhetorics.

“It seemed that this was going to be an arduous and difficult task to be accomplished but essentially required to reach the target,” he emphasized. “SLFP cadres from top to bottom shall be determined to vote in favour of Gotabaya irrespective of private political agendas and Pohottuwa verses SLFP mentality which resulted from last local government elections. It is impossible for Gotabaya Rajapaksa to win the Presidential election depending only on the Pohottuwa's alleged five million vote base without our 1.7 million votes being cast in his favour,” he said.

“We, the top level leaders have signed agreements on the SLFP – Pohottuwa alliance and at village level, the chaotic political hatred is yet to be reconciled between traditional SLFPers and newly emerged SLPPers (Pohottuwa). In order to achieve the objective, each and every SLFP supporter should rally around Gotabaya ensuring his victory. No true SLFPer could deviate from the SLFP hierarchy's decision to contribute to the Pohottuwa’s victory since we, as SLFPers could be proud of the reason that the SLFP crowned the Pohottuwa candidate as the seventh executive President of Sri Lanka,” the Parliamentarian said.


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