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Air pollution level in Colombo almost doubles- NBRO

The air pollution in Colombo has almost doubled from its normal levels, National Building Research Organization (NBRO) yesterday stated. The sever air pollution in New Delhi, India may possibly have a direct influence over this sudden increase, Senior Scientist at the Environmental Studies Unit of the NBRO Sarath Premasiri told the media.

Premasiri warned individuals suffering from respiratory health issues to be cautious considering the prevailing situation.

When inquired further on the situation, NBRO sources said that a press conference will be held in collaboration with the Disaster Management Center in Colombo today to update the public on the rmatter.

DMC Deputy Director Pradeep Kodippili responding to the Daily News said that the NBRO together with Central Environmental Authority (CEA) is presently monitoring the data relating to the increase in polluted air particles in Colombo.

Kodippili said that the NBRO and the CEA have predicted a decline in the polluted air particles in the coming couple of days.

Kodippili requested the public not to panic or develop false fears over the situation. The DMC in collaboration with the health sector, Sri Lanka Police Environmental Division, NBRO, Central Environmental Authority is presently discussing taking emergency measures, if necessary, to curtail any possible negative impact on the general public.

“The doctors have observed that persons with respiratory issues, children and persons involved in strenuous work are vulnerable in a situation like this,” he said.

Meanwhile, the website which maps out the Air Quality Index (AQI) of cities across the world has observed that according to the data provided by the NBRO for its Air Quality Index, air pollution in Colombo is “unhealthy for sensitive groups.”

According to a NBRO sources, the air pollution level in Delhi may have been heightened by the fire crackers and fireworks that were lit for Diwali festival which was recently celebrated.

“The high Air pollution levels in Delhi may have reached Sri Lanka via air currents,” NBRO sources also said.

Meanwhile, a public health emergency has been declared in New Delhi due to the adverse air pollution levels. The Indian authorities have halted work at construction sites and instituted new traffic controls limiting the numbers of cars on the roads, Indian media have reported.

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