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Diabetes high among Colombo’s adults

A total of 30 percent of adults living in Colombo had diabetes by 2018 and this percentage was only 18 in 2006, Colombo University’s senior lecturer and consultant endocrinologist and diabetologist Vidya Jothi Dr. Prasad Katulanda said.

He said only around 30 percent of people living in Colombo do not have sugar in their blood. “Diabetes prevalence in Sri Lanka in 2006 was 10 percent but now it seems it is reaching 15 or may be 20 percent,” he said.

Dr. Katulanda said these statistics came out from two studies done in 2006 and 2018 (last year). The same studies have found that the pre-diabetes status in Colombo was only 20 percent in 2006 and it has increased up to 40 percent by last year.

This is doubling the figure within 12 years. He was addressing a press conference held at the BMICH in Colombo yesterday.

Dr.Katulanda said people living in Colombo suffer from many Non-Communicable Diseases related to obesity and being over weight. In addition the latest study commenced in 2018 revealed that a total of 20 percent of adults living in the Jaffna district suffer from diabetes. School children should be active at least for seven (7) hours per week. Increasing screen time and sitting time while decreasing sleep time can promote the possibility of developing diabetes.

Past President of the Sri Lanka Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Initiative (SLDC) Dr. Manilka Sumanathilaka said that 65 percent of diabetes patients die from cardiovascular diseases. Diabetes patients should keep their HbA1C value bellow 6.5.They should do annual micro albumin test, foot examination, eye examination.

They should control their cholesterol level and keep their BMI value at a healthy range.


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