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On Sajith’s re-assurance on MCC....:

Thera calls off anti-MCC death fast

The Ven. Ududumbara Kashyapa Thera has called off his ‘death fast’ demanding that the proposed agreement with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) be cancelled.

The Ven. Thera called off the death fast on the request of New Democratic Front (NDF) Presidential candidate Sajith Preamdasa.

NDF Presidential candidate Minister Sajith Premadasa in a letter addressed to Ven. Udumbara Kashyapa Thera on Monday has categorically stated that the Government had decided that it will not sign the MCC Agreement with the US government before November 16, the date of the Presidential election.

Even if the agreement is signed after the Presidential election it would be done after discussion within Parliament and outside.

Sajith Premadasa, in his letter, emphasised that he would never sign any agreement that would be inimical to the national interest and requested the Ven. Thera to repose confidence in him. He further stated that this agreement would be signed only after consulting the Ven.Thera and the Maha Sangha at large.

The Ven. Ududumbara Kashyapa Thera commenced a fast at the Independence Hall, Colombo, on November 5 urging the Government to desist from signing the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Agreement with the US. The Thera said the MCC agreement was detrimental to the interests of Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile,the Prime Minister’s senior consultant Charitha Ratwatte yesterday sent a copy of the proposed MCC agreement to the Ven. Ududumbara Kashyapa Thera requesting him to point out any clauses detrimental to the country included in the agreement and to suggest appropriate amendments to any clauses he considered detrimental.



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