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SLPP artistes protest Gota link with Hisbullah and Sharia’h varsity

Artistes supporting the SLPP. Picture by Dushmantha Mayadunne
Artistes supporting the SLPP. Picture by Dushmantha Mayadunne

A group of film and teledrama artistes supporting the SLPP yesterday protested any election link up between SLPP presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa and independent candidate and former Eastern Province Governor M.L.A.M. Hizbullah.

Addressing news media at the SLPP-SLFP joint campaign office in Rajagiriya, they said they were against the establishment of any university, which would nourish the Sharia’h Law within the country as Sri Lanka was a Buddhist-majority state. “We do not approve of Wahabism, Madrasa schools or Sharia’h Law within Sri Lanka as those have dangerous impacts,” they said.

They also argued that Presidential candidate Rajapaske does not need the second preferential vote of candidate M.L.A.M. Hizbullah at the upcoming election.

The artistes’ group leader, veteran actress Kusum Renu, who is also the co-Chairman of the ‘Hela Bodu Handa’ organisation, pointed out that Rajapaksa was a character with the ability to develop this country.

Therefore, she requested the people of this country to vote for the ‘Lotus Bud’ symbol on November 16.

Actor Sudath Thilakasiri speaking to media asked as to why the present government did not take any action against the offenders of the previous government if they have committed any offence. “It is their government. I ask as to why they did not take legal action against so-called offenders within the past four and a half years”, he questioned.

“My family is spending a better life in Australia. I have a country to go on November 17. But, other children of my country need a future,’he added.

Actor Lal Weerasinghe commenting on the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) agreement that has become controversial these days said the implementation of the said agreement causes to divide the country as North and South. “If this project was implemented, one perch of land would have been sold at Rs.180”, he added.

However, it was revealed that despite the artistes have come forward to back the different candidates at this election, they have been fail to present any series of proposals to the major presidential candidates seeking the support for the improvement of their field.

When asked on this, Kusum Renu replied that the group of artistes representing the ‘Gotabaya Rajapaska faction’ would not do so this year. Instead, they requested to make this country an extremism-free one and a safe country.

Actresses Nilmini Thennakoon, Sanjeewani Weerasinghe and actor Ravindra Mapitigama also spoke to media on this occasion.

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