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New hope for youth under Sajith’s leadership - Musician Eranga Lanka

New Democratic Front(NDF) Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa is a leader that could best serve the country’s youth, said musician Eranga Lanka.

He was addressing artists on Tuesday.

Eranga Lanka said that Premadasa is the ideal leader that the youth have been looking to lead this country to greater heights.

“He is young and knows what the youth of this country want,” he said. He further added, “Sajith Premadasa has immensely supported the entertainment and especially the music industry. His love for music shows what a peace-loving person he is,” Eranga Lanka added.

“The qualities that he possesses makes him a very approachable person, who will engage with every person in this country. This is an important quality that a leader must possess. Over the years his journey as a politician and as a person goes to show that he puts the public before himself,” he said.

He added, “There is around 70 % to 80% poor people in the country and it is important that poverty is eradicated.”

“All the negativity that the country was plagued with will be a thing of the past with Sri Lanka having the potential of becoming the next Singapore,” he said. “It’s not about making a place beautiful, but adding beauty to people’s minds is very important. As a performing artiste, I require peace of mind, to make good music and co-exist in peace with society. We can’t deal with a corrupt government; this will affect our quality of work. We want a government that will work towards developing the country, not a government that will only talk. Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa is the right person for this, and I call upon the youth to join and help elect Sajith Premadasa as the country’s next leader,” Eranga Lanka said.

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