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Wild jumbo menace on the rise

A house in Welgala which was damaged by a wild elephant.
A house in Welgala which was damaged by a wild elephant.

Farmer families in 15 Grama Niladari (GN) divisions including Welgala, Nelliya and Kimbulwanaoya in the Ibbagamuwa Divisional Secretariat (DS) division are experiencing increased attacks by wild elephants.

According to the villagers affected by elephant depredation, a herd of 15 elephants recently ravaged their banana and vegetable cultivations in an extent of nearly two acres.

Farmers say they have to spend sleepless nights, as the damage is high. Villagers say that these elephants are coming from Kahalla–Pallekelle Sanctuary and seven houses have been damaged by them during the past two months.

When the Daily News queried, OIC of the Herathgama Wildlife Office in Polpithigama, W.M.S. Weerakoon said this was a problem prevailing in the area for the last two months.

“We tried to erect an electric fence around the Hakwatunaoya. But, we could not do so due to the objections raised by villagers. Had we erected this fence, this problem would not have arisen. Although we drive away these elephants back to the Kahalla- Pallekelle Sanctuary, they usually come back,” he added.


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