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SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit in Colombo

Norwegian expert stresses need on ethics in AI

Dr. Inga Strümke
Dr. Inga Strümke

For any organization, to realize the full potential of Artificial intelligence (AI), it must address all dimensions of responsibility. In today’s increasing transparent, fast moving competitive marketplace, responsible AI is not merely a nice- to- have, but a prerequisite for success, said Dr. Inga Strumke, Manager - AI and Machine Learning at PwC Norway.

Speaking on responsible use of AI at the SLASSCOM AI Asia Summit 2019 , held in Colombo yesterday, she said the responsibility put on researches and developers by AI is unprecedented.

“But if your AI isn’t responsible, it’s not intelligent. Companies must bear this in mind as they build their AI enabled future,” Dr. Strümke said.

Noting that globally countries are exploring ethical AI standards and recently 42 countries signed on the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) principles on artificial intelligence, she said AI should benefit people and the planet by driving inclusive growth, sustainable development and wellbeing.

AI systems should also be designed in a way that respect the rule of law, human rights, democratic values and diversity and they should include appropriate safeguards such as enabling human intervention where necessary to ensure a fair and just society. It was noted that there should be transparency and responsible disclosures around AI systems to ensure that people understand when they are engaging with them and can challenge outcomes. AI systems must functions in a robust secure and safe way, throughout their lifetimes, and potential risks should be continually assessed and managed. Also, organizations and individuals developing, deploying or operating AI systems should be held accountable for their proper functioning in line with the above principles.

Dr. Strümke noted that AI involves multiple dimensions which include IT/ Production, business and data science and responsible AI also addresses key aspects such as cultural and ethical context, monitoring, fairness, bias, cyber security, dynamic learning, legal environment and many more.

She added that AI is affecting lives directly and if used correctly, AI has the ability to make our world a better place.

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