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CDB holds Sisudiri’ scholarships program

Understanding the importance of providing children a robust education, Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) continues to empower the educational aspirations of children across the country through their ‘Sisudiri’ Scholarship Program, the event was held at the BMICH on November 4, for the 12th consecutive year.

As a socially responsible corporate entity in Sri Lanka, CDB has placed paramount importance in providing financial support for underprivileged children who are currently struggling to make their educational dreams a reality. ‘Sisudiri’ is a platform funded by CDB aiming to empower young dreams and aspirations across the nation by helping children accomplish their personal goals with a solid educational background, molding a bright future.

Since 2008, CDB Sisudiri has awarded a grand total of 609 scholarships to young, passionate children to fulfill their life’s educational aspirations through a massive total investment of Rs. 22.9 million. Commenting on the successful journey of CDB Sisudiri, Mahesh Nanayakkara, Managing Director and CEO, CDB stated, “For Sri Lanka to have a prosperous and sustainable future, it needs to be led by strong, educated, individuals who possess the right qualities and qualifications to carry this nation forward. CDB strives to empower the aspirations of such future leaders and make their dreams a reality. Through the Sisudiri scholarship program, we aim to financially empower these young scholars, ensuring the development and growth of tomorrow’s leaders.”

Having considered the vast number of children who are unable to continue their educational dreams due to financial shortcomings, CDB has provided 100 students from underprivileged families, who excelled at the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination and Grade 11 (O/L) examination in 2018, with scholarships for their higher education.

The students who received Grade 5 scholarships were eligible to receive a cash grant of Rs 50,000 spread over a period of five years until they complete their secondary education.

Further, Ordinary Level scholars will be awarded Rs 15,000 annually until they complete their Advanced Level examination. Students who are not holders of CDB ‘Rankati’ Savings account are also eligible to qualify for the scholarships. These students are further encouraged to open a ‘Rankati’ Savings account to inculcate a trait for saving from a young age.

Recognized as one of Sri Lanka’s largest financial service providers, CDB continues to empower young dreamers across the nation.

With an unceasing focus towards empowering aspirations of citizens, the ‘Sisudiri Scholarship program’ has been a key initiative of CDB’s corporate social responsibility platform for over a decade. This year, with an investment of Rs. 1.2 million, CDB aims to provide a pathway for children to make their dreams a reality.

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