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ICC Smart Eco Solutions Division launches Tabletop Composter

ICC Smart Eco Solutions, the newest division of International Construction Consortium (Pvt) Ltd, the general contractor with over 30 years in the Sri Lankan market place is introducing a revolutionary Tabletop Composter the ‘Food Cycler’ first ever speedy composter that can convert household organic waste into fertilizer within 24 hours.

Whilst the tabletop composter has the capacity of converting up to 2Kg per cycle in 4-6 hrs., it emits no smell due to inbuilt carbon filters, the unit could be used inhouse. The cost of power per day comes to less than Rs. 20. The product holds a Canadian patent and comes with a year’s warranty. This equipment is very simple to use, just fill the bucket provided and place it in the machine, close the lid and press start. Once the cycle is finished it will stop, unload dispose compost. Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka sets an example by processing all organic waste accumulated in his house to compost using this compact tabletop composting machine and uses the output to fertilize his garden. The minister believes, “ if each household engages in such a procedure which reduces the original volume of organic waste by 80-85%, we will be able to drastically reduce what we send to dump sites today.”

The capacity of commercial units ranges from 10Kg to tons per day. Commercial units also work the same way capable of converting organic waste within 24 hours to compost.

The larger units are ideal for hotels, condominiums, restaurants, schools, hospitals and officers. Save the country from garbage, convert your garbage to valuable compost overnight and save the nation from pollution.

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