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Roshen sipping his tea with one hand dragged his feet with a tremendous effort towards the corridor. Unlike on other days, he didn't feel the dew falling in the morning soothing himself. Rozario peeping from the cell in the opposite side waved his hand and said "Good morning" in a timid and trembling manner.

Roshen: Good morning. Any news machan?

Rozario: Nothing but the sir asked for thousand rupees from me this morning.

Roshen: Is that so? How nice of him?

Rozario: To be precise. Being prisoned in one hand and being bribed on the other?

Roshen: What on earth have we done to imprison us?

Rozario: Well then what was your reply. Positive or negative?

Roshen: I just gazed at his face for some time and refused.

Silence - the noble silence - the noble ethic to be mastered in a place like this.

Roshen: By the way Roza perhaps this kind of things might have been happening here.

Tick tack tick tack.

The jailor guard stepping upwards was sensed by both of them. The gentlemen of about forty-five looking stern made a note of sending them to a place where carpentry is done downstairs.

"Listen to me…All of you have to go downstairs just after breakfast. OK.

Before departing into the downstairs Roshen murmured to Roza saying " This is a hell of a business. Bribing in the sense where nobody can escape."

Roshen: Can’t we inform the police?

Rozario: How could we?

Does this man think that all the prisoners are offensive?

Among them how many non-offensives might be there.

Law-abiding - whatever you call…

Silence - the noble silence - the noble ethic to be mastered here.

“Anyway peacock, I’ll send you to Katharagama where you’d have enough. I mean and settle for good.”

Peeping out of the jail Roshen was muttering

Judases, Thaslemas..Mark Antonis...Janawarjana's.

All might have stepped here. Somewhere or someday?

Anyway..we're not offensive, aren't we? By the way, what's there for breakfast?

Rice and dhal.

The peacock in the note seemed coming out of the pocket to buy some eatables or whatever.

How could we? Well, it's inevitable.

They stepped downstairs and joined the crew. The pale wind was suggestive of the forthcoming struggle they would face.

Ding Dong Ding Dong

The bell denoted the second episode of the day. Several gents clad in uniforms brown and grey...Even the guns seemed to frown.

“Okay. Be ready with the tools to mend the furniture first,” said the jailor guard. “And Mr Aththanayake will see whether the business of weaving chairs is going on well there.”

Both Rozario and myself were sent to weave chairs.

Ranil was the person who seemed to have mastered the skill of weaving chairs. He taught us the exact way of weaving chairs in one or two hours.

To while away the time, it became interesting to them. They started weaving right from the morning till afternoon. The exact art of weaving was caught by them after a couple of hours.

Boom - boom- boom.

The jampacked bus stopped opposite the gate. Somebody seemed to get down. It was Shyamalee. Shyamalee……. Roshan's' wife….dragging her feet to see Roshen….Timid and excited….

It has been an unexpected plight exactly.

She came towards Roshen and took his hand since it was the exact time to see the prisoners.

Silence- Tremendous silence, suffering in an unusual pain.

“Are you alright, Roshen?”

“Of course, Don’t worry”

A moment or a period of a dark era.

“Let’s see darling, Bye now”

The bell…..continuous till the family members leave.

Ding Dong Ding Dong

Sudu Malli has come up to nurture the flower pots. Roshen saw Shyamalee leaving through the flower pots. “Bye, Shyamalee.”Epiphany of being prisoned of two unoffensive men…..

Both Rozario and Roshen were looking forward to the rest of the day with faint hopes.

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