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My Beloved Father, King Hamlet

The ghost of King Hamlet appears to his son Hamlet, Prince of Denmark at midnight in the battlement of Elsinore palace.
The ghost of King Hamlet appears to his son Hamlet, Prince of Denmark at midnight in the battlement of Elsinore palace.

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark has not succeeded his father as King. On the throne is his uncle Claudius who married Queen Gertrude immediately upon the death of her husband, the first King Hamlet.

Many a time Hamlet would have yarned for his father: or so he thought presently until the ghost of King Hamlet appeared to Horatio and Marcellus on the battlements of the guard-platform of the castle as they kept watch. Hamlet is informed about the ghost and together they hear a flourish of trumpets.

Enter the ghost:-

Horatio - Look, my Lord, it comes

Hamlet - Angels and ministers of grace defend us….. That I will speak to thee. I'll call

thee Hamlet, King father., royal Dane. O' answer me. Let me not burst in ignorance…

Horatio - It beckons you to go away…..

Marcellus - Look with what courteous action it waves you…. but do not go with it

Hamlet - It will not speak; then I will go with it…

Ghost - So art thou to revenge when thou hear it... I am thy father's spirit Doom'd for

a certain term to walk the night…. And for the day, confin'd to fast in fires till the foul crime done in my days of nature are burnt and purg'd away, that I am forbid to tell the secrets of my prison-house…..

Hamlet - O God

Ghost - Murder.

Murder most foul, as the best it is; but this most foul, strange…

A serpent stung me; so the whole ear of Denmark…. forged to death.

Hamlet unsure at first, simulates madness which overwhelms Ophelia whom he loves.

When a company of actors arrives, Hamlet asks for a performance of a play with a plot much like his father's murder so that he can see how the King responds. Claudius, deeply alarmed plans to send Hamlet at once to England but before this is done, Hamlet goes to him mother's closet and fiercely revile her for yielding to Claudius. When hearing a noise, he stabs through the curtain killing Polonius who had concealed himself there.

Two courtiers conduct Hamlet towards the voyage to England bearing letters that order his death when arrives but Hamlet saves himself after a sea-fight in which he is saved thus upsetting King Claudius's plans.

Hamlet keeps to his father's request by killing Claudius. Many incidents take place leading to his death. Hamlet moves forward in a sequence of astonishments, unfailing, however familiar.

How many times would Hamlet have yearned for his father until his ghost appeared and laid bare how he was murdered. Claudius had poured poison in his ear which killed him without the knowledge of Gertrude.

Any Shakespeare scholar will agree that to separate and identity one character to write upon is not possible at all as he strongly links every character in his plays one to another in an unbroken chain where the links are strongly bound. I found it so when separating the ghost (1st King Hamlet) from the rest even from his son when he appeared to him. I had to slice off certain parts of dialogue when both confronted each other at Elsinore Palace battlement. It may sound irrelevant and irregular but could not wiggle out of certain situations.

Cut in dialogues are fairly stereotype such as the beginning in the play such sadness we find in Hamlet-Horatio colloquy. The terrifying opening scene on the guard-platform of Elsinore, the challenge and counter-challenge in the midnight cold, the hushed questioning, the suddenly 'Peace, break thee off; look where it comes from again'……… 'In the same figure, like the king that is dead' And Hamlet moves forward in sequences of astonishments, I repeat again'.

Everyone sees Hamlet differently but none should doubt his passionate love for his father from which stems this great tragedy from Shakespeare. Nearly every speech of Hamlet can be fitted into a mosaic of effects beginning from Elsinore battlement. The ghost who touched the characters directly or indirectly.

Claudius - King of Denmark

Gertrude - Queen of Denmark and Hamlet's mother

Hamlet - Son to the former King Hamlet and nephew to Claudius

Horatio - Friend to Hamlet

Marcellus - Friend to Hamlet

Company of actors who perform the assassination of King Hamlet.

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