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Words of wisdom

Muted is not a word in designer and architect Emmanuelle Moureaux’s vocabulary. Known for her colourful installations of text that trail from the ceiling, the immersive environments surround visitors in an array of rainbow hues. Numbers and letterforms take on an abstract quality as they dangle en masse around carefully constructed pathways. We’ve marveled at many of Moureaux’s installations before, and her recent ‘Universe of Words’ exhibition continues upon this engaging format.

‘Universe of Words’ premiered in Tokyo right before Tanabata day - a festival celebrated on July 7 that encourages people to write their hopes and dreams on coloured strips of paper and hang them on the branches of a decorated bamboo tree. Moureaux was inspired by this tradition and put her own spin on it. With the essence of the festive ritual revolving around words, she created a massive collection of symbols comprising the Japanese hiragana alphabet - the simplest written alphabet (it’s learned by children) featuring 46 characters.

Moureaux composed about 140,000 hiraganas in 100 shades of colours. They were aligned in three-dimensional grids with space for viewers to wander and wonder.

The atmosphere was tranquil and intended to evoke emotion - especially as visitors consider their own hopes and dreams.

‘Universe of Words’ is part of Moureaux’s ongoing 100 Colours series, and the installation fits perfectly within her overall intentions for it.

“I want people to breathe and immerse in 100 shades of colours, to see colours, touch colours, and feel colours with all their senses,” she tells My Modern Met.

“I want people to feel colour with their entire body.”

My Modern Met

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