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Cookie treat!

For many people, Halloween is the season to get creative, from costumes and makeup to pumpkin carvings and spooky home decor. And while decorating your home’s entrance with jack-o’-lanterns and ghouls is the classic Halloween look, Pennsylvania-based Lisa Boll decided to conjure up an alternative, less scary theme by transforming her front porch into a giant Cookie Monster.

Boll owns Outback Designs and Deck Restorations - a company that specializes in updating old outdoor decks. As a fan Sesame Street, she wanted to celebrate its 50th anniversary in her own way, so she combined her professional skills with her sense of fun to craft her giant sculptural entrance. The impressive design is made from vines that have been sprayed Cookie Monster blue, and Boll even added googly eyes and a chocolate chip cookie crafted from Styrofoam to complete the look.

Boll’s Cookie Monster entrance has not only evoked positive responses from her neighbors, but it has also sparked interest online, with several news sites sharing her creation.

“It was surprising how many people get a big kick out of it,” she told ABC27 News.

“It’s fun for Halloween and it’s not a horror thing, so it appeals to kids under the age of 3. It’s not scary.”

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