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Moral fibre up in flames

Sri Sumangala Girls’ School, Panadura
Head Girl of Sri Sumangala  Girls’ School, Panadura,  Dimanthi de Mel. Picture by Sarath Peiris
Head Girl of Sri Sumangala Girls’ School, Panadura, Dimanthi de Mel. Picture by Sarath Peiris

Head Girl of Sri Sumangala Girls’ School, Panadura, Dimanthi de Mel embraces challenges, understanding that doing so is the best way to grow in strength and character. Perfect Prefects features de Mel who always strives to be the best version of herself.

De Mel feels that self-discipline is essential when creating a livable society. Meaning a society that offers its people physical and mental satisfaction. In Japan, there is no examination from the first to the third primary level. This is because the goal of education is to instil character building, not just examination and indoctrination. The people in Japan are extremely self-disciplined. This is how they have created a disciplined society.

Amazon rainforest

“Self-Discipline is an attribute not given due prominence today. Today what we see in society is a rat race. Did you know that in Japan students from the first to sixth primary year must learn ethics in dealing with people? If we want to change the world, we need to change ourselves and in doing so become role models. The leaders of Japan have worked assiduously to achieve their goals. Self-discipline is the key to making this happen,” pointed out de Mel.

“Today I see that some of the youth are irresponsible. They do not shoulder their responsibilities. As citizens and students, we all have responsibilities and duties. We must fulfil these duties with conviction. We need to be courageous as well. It is as important as doing something with conviction. This duty does not involve only in human society. Our natural environment needs our care,” said de Mel.

We know about the terrifying amazon rainforest fires where 40,000 troops were deployed to battle the blazes in Brazil. Over 75,000 fires have erupted in Brazil since the start of the year, an over 80% increase on last year and the highest number since record began in 2013. During August 2019, the number of fires burning across the Amazon was higher than at any point since 2010. About 7,000 square miles of the forest was in flames, an area just smaller than the size of New Jersey. We are told that Amazon has been inhabited by humans for at least 11,000 years and is home to more than 30 million people. The Amazon Rainforest is also home to over 2,000 species of animals

“It is a disaster. Day by day our natural world is being destroyed. Our world is being polluted. As human beings we are responsible. It is our paramount duty to look after the wellbeing of all life on earth,” said De Mel.

When given a choice between the rough and stony path and a bed of roses she chooses the former, understanding that to grow in the strength you need to start overcoming obstacles. She says she firmly believes that smooth roads never make good drivers.

Utmost satisfaction

“A problem-free life and a bed of roses do not allow us to find our strengths. We should always believe in ourselves. Good leaders are always dedicated and should be willing to make sacrifices. When a task is assigned, completing that task gives me the utmost satisfaction,” said de Mel.

For her, being the best version of herself is what matters the most. She tries her hardest to instil good qualities within herself. Seeing good qualities within a person she meets is what makes her respect that individual.

“I try to be the best version of myself and prefer not to imitate others. Today I am where I am because of my school. Sri Sumangala Girls’ School has produced ladies of high calibre and integrity. They have impacted society in a very positive way. My school instils good morals and values in its students. Not only do we excel in studies and sports, but we possess moral fibre. The teacher and the staff focus a lot on this,” said de Mel.

The girls are taught the ability to balance both studies and extra-curricular activities. Organizational skill is an area that the school focuses on when educating the girls. Not only are they taught these valuable skills, but they are assisted when it comes to discovering their talents and abilities. However, one’s personality is not complete without an ethical side to it. This too is given priority.

Compassionate doctor

“It is because of the teachers that I have grown in confidence. And having received much from my school I would like to give of myself to society. I want to help those who are suffering. I want to be a compassionate doctor and I think I can be one. This is a dream that I have. I can see in today’s society not all doctors possess this vital quality that is kindness. I don’t want to become an extremely talented doctor who cannot emphasize with his or her patients. A doctor needs to be fair and non-judgmental. A patient’s feelings should always be taken into consideration. As a healer, I want to be gentle. I want to do my level best to see that patients are loved,” explained De Mel.

De Mel feels that when examining the issues in the modern world and the problems they pose, War is completely unnecessary. “I think it is a major obstacle as it has a detrimental effect at any level of our existence – physical, mentally and spiritually. I wish to raise the simple question – Why are we fighting and to accomplish what? It claims so many lives. I mean who would not want to live in peace and harmony except for these warmongers? I think we need to be satisfied with what we have. We need to be grateful for what we have. I think having an attitude like that will make a significant difference. It is unnecessary to fight for land and power. I think that is utterly meaningless,” explained De Mel.

When it comes to the youth one clear message she wants to give out - is the importance of being responsible and not shirking one’s duty. There is the attitude out there that says – I did not ask to be born! That should not be the attitude. This is one amongst many negative attitudes. Life is a gift, but that gift entails a certain duty.

De Mel states that she very much loves Piano Music because it helps her relieve her stress. The music she says is close to her soul and gives her mental satisfaction.

In addition to this, she loves reading adventure stories and pointed out that books can teach you proper values. “Reading books teaches you what the characters have done for their communities and what makes them so popular. Reading books gives you so much knowledge and makes us aware of the world we live in,” said de Mel.

nspirational leader

When it comes to historical figures, she admires Mahatma Gandhi. She points out that he was a very inspirational leader. She says that such leaders are necessary for this world because everyone seems to be running after wealth, status and power. If we are satisfied with what we have it will give us a stress-free life says de Mel. She has amassed many certificates and trophies which goes to prove that she is a versatile leader. 

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