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Pathfinder Foundation delegation at Beijing Xiangshan Forum

Admiral Prof. Colombage with Sri Lankan Military Delegation at the Beijing Xiangshan forum
Admiral Prof. Colombage with Sri Lankan Military Delegation at the Beijing Xiangshan forum

Admiral Prof. Jayanath Colombage, Director of the Centre for Indo-Lanka relations of the Pathfinder foundation represented in the 9th Beijing Xiangshan Forum (BXF), which was held in Beijing, China.

Since its inception in 2006 and upgrading from track 2 to track 1.5 in 2014, the Beijing Xiangshan Forum has developed into an influential security dialogue platform in the Asia-Pacific. 

In the spirit of openness, inclusiveness, mutual learning and cooperation, the BXF is committed to cooperation by pooling wisdom, expanding consensus and enhancing mutual trust. The China Association of Military Science (CAMS) and China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS) co-hosted this year’s Forum. The main theme of the BXF was” Maintaining International Order and Promoting Peace in the Asia-Pacific”. 

The forum’s topics included; “Major Country Relations and International Order”, “Security Risk Management in the Asia-Pacific”, “Interests of Small and Medium-Sized Countries and Common Security” and “International Arms Control Regime and Global Security”. The Forum was attended by defense and military leaders, think tank heads, and prominent experts and scholars from 68 countries. Twenty-three Defence Ministers, six Chiefs of Militaries and eight International Organizations, totaling 650 guests participated in the forum.

President xi Jinping issued a message for opening of the forum. The State Councilor and Minister of Defense of China, General Wei Fenghe read the congratulatory message from the President and also delivered the keynote speech. President Xi Jinping highlighted the objectives of Chinese defense strategy in this new era to safeguard national security as well as contributing to the world peace. Furthermore, General Wei indicated that “no country can stay immune to security and security problems are hard to ignore”. He stressed that there is a need to work with regional and multi-lateral security mechanisms to ensure prosperity and stability to people. 

Admiral Colombage hosted a concurrent session on ‘Analysis of Maritime Security”. This session focused on assessing new situation and development in maritime security, new approaches in dealing with maritime security and new ideas in strengthening institutionalized maritime security cooperation and building a maritime community with shared future at regional and global level. Senior scholars and government officials from Denmark, Norway and China participated in this session and expressed their views and opinions. 

Admiral Colombage also participated as a speaker of the session “The Prophecy on International Security Black Swan”. He highlighted the need to develop comprehensive national security strategies to detect or deter Black Swan events taking place. He indicated the Easter bombing in Sri Lanka as a Black Swan event and highlighted the negative impact it is having on the economy and society.

Admiral also participated in a meeting with General Gong Xianfu, Vice Chairman of China Institute of International Strategic Studies and participated in a think tank discussion hosted by China Academy of Military Science. 


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