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NPP has new plan for economy – Anura Kumara

National People’s Power (NPP) Presidential candidate and JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake addressing a media briefing in Colombo said he believed that he could steer the country towards a major turning point at the forthcoming Presidential election.

“The country needs to be saved from the current abhorrent political melodrama and raised to a higher status,” he said.

“This could be accomplished by building a policy based debate at the forthcoming election,” Dissanayake said.

Dissanayake said they announced his candidature at a massive rally held at Galle Face on August 18. Ever since they had been visiting villages and towns countrywide and explaining matters to the people.

The manifesto titled “country’s expectation” put forward by the National People’s Power organisation was a strong and practical policy statement aimed at saving the people from poverty. For this they had put forward a programme of economic development.

“The country’s economy has plummeted to its lowest level according to all ratings. It is caught in an enormous debt trap, the rupee has depreciated and state revenue has hugely depleted. The country has gone to abject poverty during the last 71 years. Their economic policy was aimed to save the country from this morass and raise the country and its people to a high economic standard. Two million families receive Samurdhi relief today. Apart from their abject poverty this section of the people has been marginalised in society,” he said.

“People should change this situation by exercising their votes in favour of the compass symbol at the forthcoming election,” Dissanayake said.

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