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higher yields in shorter time spans

New rice varieties in offing

Agriculture, Rural Economic Affairs, Irrigation and Fisheries, and Aquatic Resources Development Minister P. Harrison has launched a programme to introduce paddy varieties that would use less water to bear high yields in shorter time spans.

The minister launched the project during a recent visit to the Mahailluppallama and Bathalagoda paddy research and development institutes. He urged the researchers there to give priority to such paddy varieties as they would help farmers cultivate paddy during the short period between the main Maha and Yala seasons.

Minister Harrison also highlighted that the new paddy varieties should be introduced while taking into account the varying environmental conditions of the country's cultivation zones.

He also urged the researchers to inform the authorities about any obstacles that they might come across while working on the project.

The minister instructed the institute authorities to submit a report stating the reasons as to why certain paddy varieties such as BG-250, which bear higher yields and are highly resistant to pests such as the rice blast fungus, have not been promoted more in the country—especially considering the country's recent adverse weather conditions.

The harvests of paddy varieties such as BG-250 could be obtained within 85 days of sowing. 

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