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Dengue and Rat Fever menace

About 62,111 positive Dengue patients and about 4,005 positive Rat Fever patients have been detected countrywide during the period from January 01 to October 31, 2109. Most of the Rat Fever patients have been detected from Ratnapura District and that number is 851. About 162 Rat Fever patients from Kurunegala District and 33 Rat Fever patients from Puttalam District have been detected during this year. Most of the Dengue patients have been discovered from Colombo District during this year and that number is 13,218. Taking this plight into account, the school principals of the Kurunegala District appeal to the top authorities of the Education Ministry and the Health Ministry to carry out Dengue eradication programmes at school level immediately as the above facts have been confirmed by the Ministry of Health by now. This was stated by M.A.Jayaweera, a senior school principal of a National School in Kurunegala yesterday(04), while speaking at a meeting of school principals of Kurunegala District held at Kurunegala Education Office.

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