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Adhere to election rules - Senior DS

“All government employees should not, under any circumstances, try to photograph the marked ballot papers and release them to the social media or persons as it is a legally punishable offence “, stated Kurunegala District senior Divisional Secretary. Three such errant public servants who casted their vote by post have already been arrested by the Kekirawa Police by now and two of them were government school teachers of the Kekirawa Educational zone. The other errant pubic servant was a school watcher. The two mobile phones with such pictures that were hidden in their possession were taken in to custody. Police Headquarters has confirmed this information by now. The two suspects were to be produced before Kekirawa Magistrate yesterday (04). All government servants are bound to adhere to the Election rules to the letter to ensure a free and fair elections on the 16th of this month, declared Kurunegala District senior Divisional Secretary W.E.Jayathilake speaking at a meeting of Grama Niladharies of the Kurunegala District held yesterday (04) in Bingiriya to educate them on election rules.

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