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‘State jobs for unemployed grads within 2 months after polls’

State sector jobs will be given to all external and internal unemployed graduates countrywide within two months after becoming the President on November 17, New Democratic Front (NDF) Presidential candidate Minister Sajith Premadasa said.

He was speaking at a meeting of United National Party (UNP) supporters in the Polgahaweala Electorate of the Kurunegala District on Saturday (2).

The Minister also said thousands of three-wheeler drivers across the country would be granted loans worth Rs. 300,000 each to continue their occupation without any obstacle. All pre-school students would be given a free cup of milk, school equipment and uniforms too. All Sunday dhamma schools countrywide which do not have a sufficient number of buildings to accommodate students would be equipped with electricity, buildings and libraries as soon as he becomes the leader of this country.

Kurunegala District UNP MPs including Buddha Sasana and Wayama Development Minister Gamini Jayawickrama Perera and Internal and Home Affairs and Provincial Councils and Local Government State Minister J.C. Alawathuwala also addressed the rally. 

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