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‘Singer Life Style Fiesta 2019’ to begin November 22

Singer Sri Lanka’s annual flagship trade show, the ‘Singer Life Style Fiesta’, will be held for the ninth consecutive year at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Hall, BMICH from November 22-24.

The most awaited and biggest annual shopping exhibition would line up array of products of world renowned brands, allowing consumers to choose from a range of thousands of brand new products under one roof.

Singer Sri Lanka implies the Life Style Fiesta exhibition as reciprocal gift with gratitude to all citizens for placing it as the best brand of the country. The family oriented exhibition is certainly not restricted to technological enthusiasts but it caters to all household needs of house wives, students, entrepreneurs and all other customers representing all segments of the society. ‘Singer life Style Fiesta’ is an extraordinary event developed gradually from its birth in 2011 up to now. Product variation is at its intense where over 1500 product availabilities are assured from all household appliances to industrial goods such as industrial sewing machines.

At the ‘Singer Lifestyle Fiesta 2019’ Sri Lankan consumers are privileged to experience latest models of some brands which are planned to introduce to the Sri Lankan market in the near future.

In addition to the Singer trade outlets, small entrepreneurs would also be accommodated to sell their items to fulfill other needs of consumers’.

Singer Sri Lanka Marketing Director Kuma Samarasinghe launched this ‘Singer Life Style Fiesta’ for the first time in 2011 and todate it is reported to be the most popular trade exhibition ever in Sri Lanka.

“When planning the first exhibition, I wanted to give our Sri Lankan consumers the experience of an international trade fair and thereby elevate Singer Srilanka PLC to an unparalleled level. I’m really proud that we have achieved that target as it was not an easy task. In Srilanka almost every house has at least one Singer product in their house. ‘Singer Life Style Fiesta’ originated 8 years back and has grown over the past years into an outstanding timely event held just before the festive season,” said Kumar Samarasinghe. 

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