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Hamilton hits out at 'mind-numbing' action movies

‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ actress Linda Hamilton, 63, spoke out about action films which lack emotional impact during an appearance on Lorraine yesterday.

The Sarah Connor star insisted actors have to care about the characters they’re playing in order to encourage fans to engage with them.

“We've got tonnes of action non-stop but who cares if there aren’t people at stake, characters at stake, that you care about?” she said.

Lorraine, 59, then noted there weren’t many action movies which were very “moving” or touching, at which point Hamilton agreed: “Not any more especially.

“It’s mind-numbing, as opposed to…” she tailed off, gesturing to imply an emotional impact.

The ‘Terminator’ favourite went on to speak about how she had got into incredible shape for the new movie, admitting, “I had to work pretty hard. I had gotten a bit chunky so there were no carbs in my life for a year and I got so lean that, when I showed up, they had to actually build me a butt. I was like, 'I don’t understand?’” she laughed. "They put bot in, they added bottom - something you don’t ever see coming in your life. Like who wants more bottom? I shouldn’t give my secrets away."

Meanwhile, Hamilton sounded unsure about her future in the Terminator franchise, sounding unenthused when asked if she would return to play Connor once again.

“I don’t even want to think about it,” she said, at which point her co-star Mackenzie Davis, 32, chipped in: “It was so hard making this goddamn movie! I keep threatening to fake my own death so I don’t have to appear in the next one, if there is one,” Hamilton joked.

“It really was hard - it was the hardest and the greatest film I’ve ever done.” Davis said they did hours of training every day, continuing throughout filming. Express.co.uk


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