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Fascinating first dancing steps

At the Nagavaraya Temple, Moratuwa five little dancers at the age of 14 and below were blessed by the Goddess Saraswathi and were consecrated and crowned at the `Kala Eli Festival’ under the training of the famous Choreographer Janadhari Salgado who had served the nation from the year 1987. She has blossomed tiny buds with their tapping of toes to the beat of Sinhala cultural drums to be veterans in Eastern Dancing absorbing Indian trends.

At the Age 14, these little ones are too little to be such achievers. The secret was the teacher, her tireless efforts and dedication. Her main script is to outflow all her talents to the future of our nation, so they could carry on.

“I never take a heavy group, only a few at a time, they had been living only on vegetarian diets for the last 365 days, and there are Christian girls too. They are now fully embedded with where performance is concerned, strength, assurance, figure, rhythmic steps, quickness, attractive eyes, desire, clear speech and melody in voice. They will dance and teach and they will never be advertisers or money spinners to anyone as these sacred steps are not for sale. I am proud to say that I am a pupil of late Piyasara Shilpadhipathi and I produce little flowers with his steps to make a garland to proffer him in heaven,” Janadhari Salgado said.

Amidst chanting of Pirith silently by Theros stunning rituals were performed to auspicious times. After a cultural bath, they were taken to the Shrine Room, decked with jewellery with silver, metal and gold. They were covered with a while veil to feel that they are virgin pure and they come out covered with by a white cloth still as a virgin pure. After performing the rituals and instilling the little dancers with feelings of prosperity, they pour water to the ‘Bhodiya’ to get the blessings. Thereafter, they offer fruits and flowers to Lord Buddha. They remove the white cloth and look at the statue of Lord Buddha and turns to their parents to get the blessings and thanking them. Then they garlanded a picture of Late Piyasara Shilpadhipathi.

They perform their first dance called ‘Mangalam’. Before, they keep their first step, they thank Lord Buddha, the very soil of the Motherland asking for forgiveness and dance to the beat of the drums. All the rituals are only performed in Sri Lanka and India. These absorb Godliness and sacredness of our Buddhist Culture.

The dancers who were blessed with the ‘Kala Eli Mangala’ were Posondi, Sehasna, Rasindini, Kaviya and Jayali. Jayali is a daughter of Janadhari, who wished her daughter will continue ‘Jayamini Janaranga Kalayathanaya’ of Moratuwa.

The audience was made up of Ven. Dr. Shaddaransi Thero and Ven. Gonaduwa Ganadeva Thero, Kanthi Shilpadhipathi wife of late Piyasari Shilpadhipathi, Deputy Mayor, Moratuwa Urban Council Samantha Silva, Deputy Director of Council of Youth Affairs Jagath Liyanage, Drama Lecture of Sri Jayawardhanapura University Deepal Gunasena and Director of Sarvodaya Neetha Ariyaratna.

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