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Lynford Bungalow; steeped in history

Lynford Bungalow is idyllic to experience a planter’s life during the days of the colonial plantation era. It is an original heritage tea plantation bungalow built by an intrepid Scottish planter by the name of William Spalding, which sits deep within the heart of the Bogawantalawa Region within the Loinorn Plantation. The property has been renovated and restored to its former glory. The holiday experience starts on with the drive up to the hills witnessing the verdant majesty of the countryside. The historic gates and manicured lawns will lead to the entrance where visitors will be greeted by experienced bungalow staff who will attend to every need during the stay. The bungalow comprises four spacious bedrooms with different themes, ranging from rustic intimate to neo-minimalist.

The bungalow has many common areas that have been furnished with genuine antiques reflecting various periods in the bungalow’s life. The Morning Room with a fireplace is a space to enjoy the morning tea and catch up on the news.

The Evening Room, a living space with a fireplace and a genuine vintage record player and stereo set, is the perfect place to unwind after dinner with soothing tunes and a good scotch in hand as a fire crackles, keeping everyone warm and cozy. Choice is yours to play board games, chat or sing your favourite songs.

The bungalow has a single central Dining Room where all three main meals are served. Guests are encouraged to inform staff ahead of time when they wish to sit for meals. The dining team will ensure prompt preparation of meals.

The property has a large well maintained garden with sprawling lawns and its own vegetable garden supplementing the bungalow menus. The lower lawn has facilities for games such as cricket, croquet, badminton etc. and also the well curated nine-hole mini golf course. At the end of the lawn is a natural running water pool, in addition to the summer hut and an area for barbeque or bon fires.

The trip up to the hills is a long one and can take up to four hours. Notable stops on the way include Warleigh Church, which overlooks the beautiful reservoir down below. As you make your way closer to Lynford Bungalow, the scenery will change from distant hills to up-close fields within the tea plantations. The roads will narrow as you head off the main route and turn into dirt roads – the original cart ways setup by plantations many moons ago.

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