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Chuda Manikyaya of Ruwanwelisaya to be replaced

Crest gem cracked, showing lines and has discoloration:

The Kotha (the pinnacle) and the Chuda Manikyaya (the crest gem) of the historic Ruwanwelisaya Vihara will be replaced before January 1, 2020, the Chief Sangha Nayaka of Nuwara Kalawiya and Adhikari of Ruwanwelisaya, Ven. Pallegama Hemarathana thera announced yesterday at a press conference at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute. Atamasthanadhipathi of Anuradhapura Dr. Ven. Pallegama Sirisumana Dhammarakkhitha Siriniwasa Nayaka thera was present with him.

Ven. Hemarathana Nayaka Thera said that the crystal rock ( the Chuda Manikyaya) of the Stupa was partially cracked, showing lines and had discoloration. “The kotha and the crest gem are 80 years old. It came as a gift from Burma,” he said.

He said that foreign and local experts who carried out an inspection of the Kotha and the Chuda Manikyaya of the Stupa in accordance with scientific and archeological standards, have furnished them with a report providing evidence regarding the condition of the pinnacle’s current disposition.

The construction , restoration and replacing of the Chuda Manikyaya have already commenced with its responsibility being relegated to Vishwa Parami Foundation.

“We have found a crystal rock for the preparation of the new crest gem,” he said. “ In fact it was donated to us. I cannot tell you at this moment who that generous donor was,” he said. “Vishwa Parami Foundation has handed over the task of preparing the new crystal rock for the crest of the Kotha to an Austrian company called “Swarovski”.

The Foundation has relegated the task of constructing the base of the new pinnacle where Chuda Manikyaya to be placed to a Singaporean company, the thera said.

“It is being constructed side by side with the new Chuda Manikyaya in the making,” he added.

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