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93rd BASL Clifford Cup Boxing Championship:

Navy pugilists to the fore as heavyweights produce thrilling fare

Navy pugilists notched crucial wins over more fancied rivals on the third day of the 93rd BASL Clifford Cup Championship at the Royal MAS Arena on Wednesday.

Tharaka Sandakelum Adhikari, 28, scored an upset win over second ranked Vidyartha BC boxer Hansa Dilhara Hettiarachchi, 21, in the Light (60kg) weight in a closely contested bout. Southpaw Adhikari displayed his maturity and kept himself busy throughout the contest to earn a split 3-2 decision whereas young Hettiarachchi paid the penalty for laying back and looking to counter attack with his right.

Leading Seaman Chamara Kumara Karunanayake, 30, a three-time National champion, kept his composure against a swinging soldier Gunathilaka to win a Heavy (91kg) weight contest by unanimous decision. There was some thrilling fare in the Super Heavy (+91kg) weight bouts, with Air Force’s Meegasthenna and Navy’s B.H.D.C. de Silva prevailing over rivals from Army to win by 3-2 split decisions.




Light Fly weight (48kg) –K.H. Gamage (Uphill A) bt J. Tharmika (Casualine) walkover, K.K.I.T. Perera (Air Force) bt E. Krishna Vani (Uphill B) 4-1, D.D. Dinusha (Thuruliya) bt P.M. Widanagamage (Uphill C) 5-0,

Fly weight (51kg) – K. Inthugadevi (Uphill A) bt P.K.R. Kaushalya (Thuruliya BC) on points 4-1, H.M.N.H. Weerasinga (Uphill B) bt U.G.C.H. Jayaweera (Police A) 5-0,

Bantam weight (54kg) – *W.S.P. Rathnayaka (Police) bt L.I.N. Malshani (Narandeniya) 5-0, P.G.K. Wasana (Thuruliya) bt M.D.J. Perera (Casualine) walkover, H.N.S.Thalgaspitiya (Unichela) bt M.G.M.T. Dasunika (Army) 5-0,

Middle weight (75kg) – W.S. Sewwandi (Uphill A) bt R.I.M.P. Rajapaskha (Thuruliya) Referee Stopped Contest round 1, P.U. Jayasooriya (Police A) bt M.R.P. Jayakody (Police C) RSC round 1,


Fly weight (52kg) – P.G.E. Madushan (Air Force A) bt V.D.R. Sanjeewa (Navy A) RSC round 1, K.V.L. Eranda (Slimline A) bt R.M.P. Dharmasena (Army A) 5-0, M.R. Sandaruwan (Slimline B) bt H.M.L.P. Jayawardhana (Army Archers) 3-2,

Bantam weight (56kg) – W.R.T. Weerakkody (Army A) bt R.M.S. de Silva (Vidyartha BC) RSC round 1, N.M.P. de Silva (Navy A) bt D.D. Rangana (Navy C) walkover, G.W.B. Manaram (Silueta) bt M.M. Udaya Kumara (Army Red) 4-1,

Light weight (60kg) – N.B.A.J. Wimukthi Kumara (Army A) bt K.G.K.M. Karunasingha (Silueta) 4-1, N.K. Padhmakumara (Army Blue) bt R.M.P.K.K. Basnayaka (Army Archers) walkover, A.M.P.S. Adhikari (Navy A) bt H.A.H.D. Hettiarachchi (Vidyartha BC) 3-2,

Middle weight (75kg) – P.D.D. Maduranga (Army A) bt W.G.N.C. Wijenaga (Air Force B) 5-0, D.A.S.D. Dassanayaka (Army Archers) bt A.K. Maduranga (VUC) 3-2, H.W.G.P. Rathnasiri (Police) bt M.D. Pushpakumara (Air Force A) 4-1, V. Niklas (Army B) bt A.C. Chandrasiri (Silueta) walkover,

Light Heavy weight (81kg) – G.N. Fernando (Navy A) bt R.N. Wettasinghe (MDS) walkover, W.A.R. Sandakelum (Army A) bt R.M.S.D. Ranathunga (Vidyartha BC) walkover, M.E.M. Mudannayake (Army B) bt P.A.R.S. Rupasinghe (Army C), H.M.P. Silva (Air Force A) bt S.P. Thilakarathna (Air Force B) 4-1, bt bt J.A. Vimukthi Kavishan (VUC) walkover,

Heavy weight (91kg) – K.M.C.K. Karunanayake (Navy A) L.M. Gunathilaka (Army Red) 5-0, I.D.D.S.W. Waidhyarathna (Army A) bt H.R.C.N. Bandara (Army Blue) walkover,

Super Heavy weight (91+kg) - M.V.V.M.M. Meegasthenna (Air Force C) bt A.L. Amarasinghe (Army B) 3-2, B.H.D.C. de Silva (Navy C) bt A.D.R.M. Abeysinghe (Army C) 3-2.

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