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AmSafe Bridport opens new factory at Wathupitiwala EPZ

 AmSafe Bridport opens new factory at Wathupitiwala EPZ
AmSafe Bridport opens new factory at Wathupitiwala EPZ

BOI enterprise AmSafe Bridport (Pvt) Ltd opened a new factory at Phase III at the Wathupitiwala Export Processing Zone.

Amsafe Bridport (Pvt) Ltd was established in November 2001 as Wathupitiwala and was 100% British, but is now a US Company. The Company was originally named as Bridport Aviation. Ian Kentfield brought this project to Sri Lanka. Jason Abbott, President of AmSafe Bridport (Pvt) Ltd said “This new facility was due to be opened in May but due to the tragic recent events we changed the date. This is a US$ 2.3 million investment in Sri Lanka. We opened this facility as part of our commitment to continue our investment and growth in Sri Lanka. I wish to thank the BOI for its continued support. We will continue to invest in this country. Thank you for making this company what it is today.”

“The formal opening of the new factory included the unveiling of a plaque by Jason Abbott, President of AmSafe Bridport and included cutting of a ribbon, releasing of balloons, lightning of the oil lamp and playing of Sri Lanka’s National Anthem. Present were members of the AmSafe Bridport Board who had come from the UK and senior officials of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka.

Chandani Ekanayake, General Manager of AmSafe Bridport’s operations said, “The recent expansion reflects our company’s continual growth. We started with 35,000 square feet of space dedicated to production and later added another 75,000 square feet. Currently we have staff strength of 550 employees.

This recent addition of 55,000 square feet will set the stage for even more production and therefore employment, by AmSafe Bridport.”

Ekanayake also spoke of the Company’s innovative and niche products:

“Over the years AmSafe Bridport (Pvt) Ltd has considerably expanded and diversified the range of the products manufactured by the company. We began with cargo pallet net sub-assemblies but are now the world leader in this product, with most international airlines being our clients. We now dominate the manufacture and supply of cargo pallet nets and tie down straps.”

“We have now embarked in producing more complex products, many which have been developed in Sri Lanka. These include a fire containment cover that can withstand 815oC of heat.

Other novel products we manufacture are the fire proof barriers and 9g barrier nets that are made for the Airbus A400 military transport aircraft and the B767 tanker aircraft used by the US Air Force. AmSafe Bridport (Pvt) Ltd has also started manufacturing non steerable troop parachutes. We have also at different stages made camouflage nets and protection nets against rocket propelled grenades. Naturally these are products made to meet very high standards of manufacture.”

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