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Delectable pop culture masterpieces

Food artist and mom Laleh Mohmedi transforms ordinary ingredients into edible masterpieces on plates. Working with the likes of pita bread, noodles, and lettuce, she uses the foodstuffs as a painter would wield pigment and brush.

The results of her cooking and plating are pop culture portraits of beloved fictional characters. She produces amazing likenesses of all of her subjects - an especially impressive feat considering everything that she produces is edible, too.

Mohmedi began playing with food several years ago.

“I turned my son’s spelt pancakes into a lion for a bit of fun,” she says, “and he absolutely loved it and it progressed from there.” Since that time, Mohmedi’s works have grown in their complexity. One of the main ways she models three-dimensionality (like facial features) is by using mashed potatoes. Pairing the potatoes with natural food colorings (such as blue matcha), she creates pigments that match the characters.

“It can take anywhere from five minutes to two hours to assemble,” she explains. Some of the most complicated designs are tribute celebrity creations. Although they use fresh, healthy products, they are not meant to be eaten; instead, they’re intended to be enjoyed for their aesthetic qualities.

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