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Stench at Aruwakkalu only temporary -ministry

The Ministry of Megapolis yesterday announced a number of measures they have taken to mitigate the impact of the occurrence of offensive odours from the Aruwakkalu sanitary landfill and assured that the problem of the stench will be temporary.

Ministry Secretary and Engineer Nihal Rupasinghe said this was the first time that they had a problem with respect to emanation of odours from the Aruwakkalu landfill, and it was mainly due to the heavy rains that battered the island over the past week.

Rupasinghe was speaking at press conference at the ministry,to explain the situation at Aruwakkalu landfill and the residents affected and dismayed by the generation of methane and unpleasant odours from it.

He said that the rains had delayed garbage disposal activities compelling them to unload the garbage trucks elsewhere and it was during this time that a stench filled the air.

Megapolis Ministry’s Social Waste Management Project Director and Engineer Sarath Bandara said the inconvenience and impact to the quality of life of the residents will be over soon.

He said the residents are advised not to overreact as there was no need to leave their homes in Aruwakkalu over the stench.

Secretary Rupasinghe said there had been no need as such by all means despite various allusions by some media.

He said. “we have obtained a latest atomizer to cope with the situation. A high-tech system is in operation currently to spray chemicals over the landfill to curb the odour.”

“Besides,” he said,” we have increased the number of machines to work day and night . We have also increased the number of our officers and engineers to manage the landfill.”

“We are working closely with the Central Environment Authority. The ministry will enhance the process of monitoring the landfill in due course with the Central Environment Auithority,” said Rupasinghe.

The Megapolis Ministry’s Additional Secretary, Technical and Enginerr Anajali Dewaraja said all actions are in place to manage the Aruwakkalu sanitary landfill with standard procedures by then.

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