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Mihintale sacred city now a national heritage

The three days of religious observances and rituals declaring the Mihintale sacred city a national heritage ended on Sunday.

UNP Deputy Leader and Housing, Construction and Cultural Affairs Minister, as well New Democratic Front (NDF) Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa awarded the Sannas Pathraya to the Maha Sangha headed by the Most Ven. Kotugoda Dhammawasa Nayaka Thera.

Ven. Dhammawasa Nayaka Thera lauded the President, the Prime Minister and the Cultural Affairs Minister for the meritorious deed of declaring the Mihintale sacred city a national heritage, as befits its religious historical and cultural importance which originated as a result of the memorable Mahindha gamanaya to Mihintale 2,327 years ago.

Delivering the anusasana, Mihintale Raja Maha Viharadhipathi Ven. Walawahengunawewe Dhammarathana Nayaka Thera said the country has become the Theravada headquarters as destined since the arrival of Arhath Mihindhu Thera in Mihintale and will be an apex Buddhist shrine in the world.

There are plans to declare the day when Arhath Mihindu Thera attained Nibbana as a public holiday. The Mihintale annual Poson perahera too is being declared a state-sponsored religious event, the Nayaka Thera said.

The late Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar got the United Nations to declare Vesak as an international holiday through his dedicated endeavours. The prelate said that it was a commendable and meritorious act on the part of the government that a new electrical illumination system was being planned at a cost of Rs. 200 million for lighting the whole Mihintale sacred city.

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