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Hirdaramani to develop own software

Rakhil Hirdaramani
Rakhil Hirdaramani

Rakhil Hirdaramani said that Hirdaramani One had developed software custom-built to suit the apparel manufacturing business. He was speaking at the Youth Forum organized and held at the National Chamber of Commerce Sri Lanka on October 3.

The software has been sold to companies outside the Hirdaramani group and fills the gap in the software market. He said the software was developed following shortages in the functionality of available products in the market.

He said software existed for mainstream tasks that could be bought off the shelf. “Planning and costing was there and we could buy it off the shelf. But for our shop floor solution, there was no one who could encompass the total entire spectrum. We built five pieces of software in-house. We realized that it was so good that we could sell it outside. We found a new business model outside our existing one.”

Hirdaramani is not averse to using separate software for specific tasks so long as the data can be compiled and aggregated afterward. The company uses APIs to aggregate data across the software.

He said “We are not going to have one system like Amazon or Google that does everything for us. We were going to have byte size software that was going to do things for us. When we started designing this we realized there was no off the shelf product that could do this. We mapped out all the things we are doing and took a step back and asked what we could build.”

He added “We discovered in quality management. This is less about technology and more about finding a need. There are so many manual processes that were holding silos of data that were worthless. We use the data for all of two minutes. It would take us 36 to 38 hours to collect and analyze. The information was given to a manager in the office and not on the shop floor.” 

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