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No need for contingency plan, SLPP candidate is ready - Anura Yapa

UPFA MP Anura Priyadarshana Yapa said the case over the SLPP candidate’s contested citizenship will need to conclude today as their counsel has made a submission citing ‘time constraints’ arising from ‘argumental delays’.

When asked if the party has any contingency plan should the court case drag on, Yapa admitted that they do not have such plans and do not think it necessary either.

“We don’t necessarily have a contingency plan. On the face of it, we can see there is no case for us to get alarmed, we are sure that this has been done in a lawful manner. We don’t have to consider any contingency plan.”

Yapa was also questioned about the petition submitted by former SLFP Galle Mayor calling the elections illegal, to which he said that he too cannot understand the position of the party in initiating such a petition.

“Once the Gazette has been published and time slots have been assigned, it cannot be deemed illegal. I don’t see any point in going before the Supreme Court and I can’t understand why an SLFP mayor has done this. We have seen that the Cabinet tried to postpone the dates or rather postpone the timetable. They could not do it as a large section of the Cabinet opposed it.”

He faulted the present government for delaying elections adding that the case before courts is seen as an attempt to delay the elections again. “We will have to anyway conclude the court case today. I think some are trying to postpone the Presidential Election but there is no legality to do that. Our candidate is ready.”

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